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My mum (aged 65) is unwell, after my dad died last year. Shes been in a psychiatric hospital since his funeral in november but is nearly ready to go back home. She will need some home care, at least at first, and this needs to include assessment of her ability to look after herself. I spoke to her social worker for the first time today, who asked if mum would be self-funding, telling me that if she has over £21,000 in savings (in addition to her own home) she would have to pay for all her care.

Therefore, I am worried that ALL her and Dad's savings will end up being spent on her care, instead of her enjoying a comfortable retirement on them.

£21,000 savings is not a lot of money to keep a person going through their entire retirement once she is better. During their working lives, they both saved and did without, to allow them to enjoy their retirement, but because of what has happened, this is all set to be snatched away by Social Services.

Is there any way of protecting her money for her?
They were very sensible with their money, and have never 'lived off the state', they paid their NI contributions etc. Surely mum is entitled to the same care as people who have lived on benefits and credit, or gambled away all their money etc. They learnt from my grandparents mistakes - or so they thought: Grandad gambled when dad was young so they were poor, he and Grandma lived in a council house on just a pension, BUT he had free home care after grandma died and then went into a council-run old folks home (for free) until he unfortunately died too!

Any advice? Please!


  • You might get a fuller response in the benefits board rather than this one.

    In the meantime, it is my understanding that whilst some of the savings could be used up in paying for care, this would not use up all of the £21K, only the top slice. For most benefits I understand that £16K is a cut-off point. I'm not sure but there may also be some tapering relief above that figure. I think it depends on the particular benefits being provided.
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