Bracelet Falling off

Can anyone please advise me if there is anything i can do about my bracelet keeps falling off, it was purchased in Feb this year and is worth about £200 and has fallen off a few times but this week twice so far which is to me its only a matter of time before i loose it, the problem is its not slipping off my wrist it is the fastening itself seems to slide back releasing the clip:confused: would it be a faulty fastening or just a loose one i have to put up with and maybe get some kind of add on to prevent it totally falling off?
The more i save the more i can spend:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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    My advice, take it back to the shop.
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    you should be able to go to a jewellers and ask for a safety chain to be fitted on the clasp - not sure how much that would cost though
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    My thoughts are to go back to the shop, as in my mind it shouldnt be falling off with the clasp opening but i just dont know what they would say ie get a safefty clasp put on which on a £200 bracelet should have been there, im just not too sure on what rights i have:confused:

    Thanks for the advice;)
    The more i save the more i can spend:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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