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Tonight With Trevor McDonald...

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Al_MacAl_Mac Forumite
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Tesco the bad boys.

Martin, needs to eat more. Can some of you girls get him some beefing up menus?


  • Munki_2Munki_2 Forumite
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    Ok, hands up who thinks Martin looked like a Borrower on ITV tonight? ;-)

    Nice to save.
  • Munki_2Munki_2 Forumite
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    Haha... you noticed too... it would appear we've both started similar links! hehe... Martin's never going to make it big on TV with appearanced like that! :-)
    Nice to save.
  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    I was in Tescos shortly before Easter and the woman at the next check-out was querying something. I asked her about it and it turns out there were some Easter Eggs on 2 for 1 as she picked them up and put them in her basket a Tesco worker came up and took away the sign. They had the 2 for 1 offer ending in the middle of the trading day.

    I can't remember the exact time i was in though i no it was near lunchtime. That meant that anyone who had put these 2 eggs in their basket thinking they were 2 for 1 by the time they got to the till they weren't- wonder how many got caught out on that one.

    I was appalled that they changed an offer in the middle of a working day and told the woman to write to HO to complain.

    Another thing i dislike about Tescos is with regard to their staff. There is a Tescos nearby and whenever they advertise jobs the hours you are there for and the hiours they say the contract is for never seemed to work out - then i realised they do not pay their staff for tea-breaks (i don't mean a lunch time i mean a coffee break). Not since i was a Saturday girl long ago have i come across a company that does this.
  • LakeukLakeuk Forumite
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    One of my big hates are keeping the price the same but changing the weight.

    example - asda own brand sweets

    226g @ 31p,
    then they went metric 200g @ 31p
    and now it's 175g @ 31p

    And another trick they've done :-

    12 pack own brand crisps @ 92p
    then 3 weeks ago they reduced it to 82p
    but now they will only sell 6 packs @ 54p (16p inclease on the 92p)
  • MATHMATH Forumite
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    So they managed to drag up one pricing error/scam out of millions of offers.

    Highlighted the 28day at a higher price game that every retailer has used since Noah got off the Ark.

    Bought some veg at the local market (which if like my local market will be next to rotten) and compared to the not cheapest option of veg at Tesco and declared Tesco a rip off.

    So where's the story?

    Like every other supermarket Tesco want to make money out of me. Like every other supermarket they will tell me what I want to hear to get me through the door. Some of their prices are good some not so. Nobody forces you to buy what you don't consider good value. Nobody forces you to leave your brain at home when you go shopping - despite what Jonathon Maitland may say.

    The only decent thing in the whole prog IMO was ML and even he was reduced (having been available at full size for the previous 28 days of course);)
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  • firrybabefirrybabe Forumite
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    I used to live near asda and shop there regularly.

    Now my nearest supermarkets are tesco and morrisons, and I have noticed the cost of my weekly shop has gone upwards.

    The show tonight has prompted me, I like the apparent convenience of the supermarket but my bank balance would disagree. In terms of time how much longer would it take me to go the butchers for meat and to the farm shop / market for fruit and veg ?

    Am gonna give it a try and see what I find.....
  • TicklemouseTicklemouse Forumite
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    MATH wrote:
    The only decent thing in the whole prog IMO was ML and even he was reduced (having been available at full size for the previous 28 days of course);)

    LOL - I thought they made him look like an elf (in the nicest possible way, Martin)

    I agree that although Tesco can be more expensive re meat and veg, they do seem to get 'better quality' often ie it lasts longer. I have a greengrocer near me that sells a lot of things cheaply, but unless you use them in a couple of days, they are spoiled. However, some things are more expensive than Tesco's and as he's near one of the Express stores, he catches all the people who think he's cheaper all round. If you are canny and shop around, you'll find the butchers and greengrocers who sell decent meat/cheese/ fruit & veg that are good quality and cheaper. I've a decent market butcher who sources locally and is of good quality. He's not the cheapest butcher, but that's not what it's all about - but he's cheaper than Tesco.

    I'm lucky in a way - I'm a SAHM so have "supposedly" more time to source cheaper and better quality goods. However, having got into this Old style and MSE way of life, even when/if I go back to work full time, I'll still be doing it.
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    Whats a borrower look like?
  • JohnteaJohntea Forumite
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    Tesco aren't going to worry about people finding out they charge maybe a bit more on some items - I don't see my local market or butchers open at 7pm! All supermarkets have the trump card of convinience...Similar to vending machines etc at school, since the pupils either cannot leave during their break or can't be bothered to go into town they get ripped off by using the vending machines located seconds away from them.
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    Interesting to read the feedback above. It has to be said one of the things I wouldn't and don't say is 'supermarkets are more expensives' rather 'they can be'.

    As always the lesson is - choose where you shop and be aware of the prices. Supermarkets tend to win for canned goods, ready meals, coca-cola etc - many such goods. Yet they loose on toilet rolls, fresh food and others. Where price is key, they key is price - know it!
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