Recommendations Needed for Kennels in North Lanarkshire

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I am looking for Kennels that people have personally used and would recommend. If possible around Coatbridge/Airdrie direction. Im looking for new ones as the kennels I used last year had a bad write up in a local paper!!!

Thanks in advance


  • Not sure what it's called but there's one in Carnbroe just as your about to join the motorway. Thats where I put my dog.
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    You could try Priory Lodge pet centre in Wishaw
    Their rates are very reasonable.

    Their details are;

    North Lodge House
    Castlehill Road
    ML2 0RL

    Tel: 01698 373868

    email [email protected]
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    know there is a new dog boarding service in East Kilbride
    family home seen advert on gumtree its called Care & Cuddles Dog Boarding service think its done in family home not kennels :j
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    I would recommened Crowbank Kennels just outside Cumberbauld.

    When we got our black lab put we toured virtually every kennels in North Lanarkshire and Crowbank stood out and my dog has gone 3-4 times a year for the last 8 years and I have always found their service to be fantastic.
    We were in Australia for 6 weeks last year and I had not hesitation about leaving her there... if fact she loves going, regonsied the road and gets excited!!!
    The dogs are walked everyday ( very few do this) as well as being aloud to run in exercise yards. My dog has a quite serious medical condition and they are more than happy to deal with it.
    And the real plus is the they normally bath the dogs before they send them home!!! So no kennel smelling dog although they are the only kennels I have ever visted that don't smell of dog!!!!

    I could not recommened them highly enough ( I am in no way connected to them)

    Down side... you need to book early for busy times as they are very popular!

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    I use Kilburn Kennels in Neilston as they were recommended to me. I am also in North Lanarkshire and it normally takes about 45 mins to drive there.
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    Iwould recomend crowbank to, I travel about half an hour to get to it past plenty other kennels its the best you can get
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    I know its a bit further away but we used in Blantyre last year. They were recommended by the local vet and were great :)
    would love to win an ipad!
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