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Csa arrears after never missing a payment

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Can anyone help! I am on the old system for paying csa and have always paid csa, i have paid for 11 yrs and my oldest daughter has now left school, leaving my youngest of 17 leaving school next year. My problem is i was told by several csa advisers that my payment would be going down and i would be finding out on th 13th dec 12, ... I waited for the call of which surprise surprise never came. I contacted them to be told i was in arrears of £1100, i couldn't believe it, i've never missed a payment of £365 per month i have an attachment to earning so have no say in what i pay, the csa have always told me what i had a pay, they couldn't give me an explanation. My payment next month will be £424, i have asked for a 1 to 1 interview they tell me they don't do this any more, i have every wage slip that proves i've never missed a payment, i also support my now wife of 5 yrs with her 2 children i informed them of this several years ago yet nothing made a difference.
Can you help me in anyway i can't afford more money its immoral, i've always paid for my children and don't dispute this.


  • Ask for detailed account breakdown verbally and then in writing.
    Once this done also state that you formally dispute the arrears as on D.E.O,.
    they will send statement of account showing how much should have been paid , and how much actually received.Check these figures again and again with your wage slips etc.
    Am sure you will see the catalogue of miss calculating that the CSA are doing.
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    Hi Vanessa

    Unfortunately the CSA are a rule to themselves and most of the time the CSA does not know what one hand is doing over the over

    However 1st thing first, you will still be liable for your children up until they are 20 if they go into fulltime education, the best rule of thumb is if your ex partner still has an entitlement to Child Benefit then you are liable for CSA payments

    Request details of why they believe you have arrears especially if you are paying by AofE

    As all CSA phone calls are monitored you may have to do a Subject Access Request which will cost £10. However the CSA will have to provide you with all details they hold on you, ask for recordings of conversations that have previously taken place

    You can go through the CSA complaint procedure, but this can take a long time to resolve

    I had a similar story a few years ago and what we decided to do is write a complaint letter to the Prime Minster (Gordon Brown at the time)

    Set out in your letter the reasons for your complaint, keep the complaint letter to the point

    You will receive a reply from the PM Office confirming they have received your letter. Things should move very quickly from then on in and your complaint will be put to the top of the list

    Future Ref- Any dealings with the CSA, always get the name of the person you have spoken to, and note the date and time of any phone calls made.

    Ensure all correspondence is sent to the correct address, and keep copies of all letters sent

    If you lose your job or change your job it is your responsibility to inform the CSA of a change in circumstances so you can be reassessed, including that of Nil if you are in receipt of Benefits

    Always chase the CSA do not wait for them to come to you
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    Also take this, prepared as in CAB post above, to your MP, regardless of how you/they vote.

    You have all your proofs; you have described to us what has happened; now ring your constituency office.

    Even print out this exchange if you feel you cannot face doing it all over again.

    I wish you well. Do not let this spoil your Christmas.
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    CAB Birmingham representative
    However 1st thing first, you will still be liable for your children up until they are 19 if they go into fulltime education...

    The rules changed on 10/12/12, liability can now continue until a child is 20 years old, if the criteria is met.

    Hi Vanessa,

    Firstly, you need to establish a) when the alleged arrears accrued, b) if your employer passed all payments to the CSA and/or c) if a change of circumstances has been carried out and backdated.
    If b) and/or c) are the reason(s), and the amount is correct no amount of complaining will change the situation.

    You should request a complete account breakdown ASAP (in writing, keep copies and post signed for), which the CSA can provide without the need to do a full SAR.
    Alternatively you could do a full SAR and pay the £10 fee if you wish, the CSA would then have 40 days to provide the info to you.

    Once you have established what is happening with your case, you will be in a better position to effectively deal with this matter.

    A fairer CSA for all
  • We are in the process of contesting arrears we dont believe we have.Look at some of my previous posts on her and I also look at a couple of sites like afairercsaforall, NACSA. Our MP has been helping us so dont be afraid to approach him or her. The CSA do seem ready to believe everything the pwc says in most cases I have read about which we dont think is fair in our case.
  • The CSA do seem ready to believe everything the pwc says in most cases I have read about which we dont think is fair in our case.

    Not true. You have read too many NRPs posts.;)
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