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  • Quick Sunday update with further progress: I have two bids on my Ebay items; used up rubber spuds from the bottom of fridge for lunch; saved pork fat to go on top of dog's dinner tonight; wrapped two Ebay parcels (using recycled packaging); listed more baby clothes on Ebay; took out a free 30 day trial with L*veF*im via Quidco...£18 cashback; went shopping (only needed brekkie cereal) and bought a huge 700gms box of Kellog's Cornflakes for £2; dried washing on airers (heating has been on most of the day - it's very cold and I can't be stingy with the heating having a baby) and last but not least completed Uni assignment. Not exactly money saving but should lead to a decent job when completed in 2 years.

    Right, I am off to make tea and then bath and put my babes to bed. Night night all. x x
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    So much has changed in the last 24 hours – Me and OH are calling it a day – joint decision.

    However I refuse to give up on my goal of being mortgage free and moving to the better schooling village for my little one.

    Our house that has a joint mortgage on, I can’t really stay in. I can’t afford the £988 monthly repayments and as we only have £10’000 equity there is no point in selling up. So Ex O/H is giving me half the equity and I will rent. Much as things haven’t gone as I had hoped…I will continue to save up (on top of the equity when I eventually get it) for a deposit for my own place and a couple of years down the line I shall purchase myself a nice little property.

    So if nobody minds I shall stay with my MFW Diary…just change my goals. I need the motivation even more so as a single mum…but I refuse not to succeed…it may take me a while, but I will get there!

    MFW all the way. X x
    Failure isn't a known word to me - O/P: £110/20'000:T
    7/52 :j
    Mortgage was: £182'500...Mortgage is: £160'673

    "Let me tell you something. This is my playpen, and I get the last word." Judge Judy
  • Right onwards and upwards...can't let a long overdue relationship split get me down.

    Yesterday and today's progress so far includes:

    *William Hill tracked on my Qu*dco account. Spend £10 on a bet...£20 back through cashback. Had a bet on Christopher Maloney being the next evictee on Xfactor...was sadly not to be but still a tenner up.
    *Requested comission cheque from catalogue (£14.47.)
    *Listed old Iphone on Ebay.
    *25p on OneP0ll
    *Joined Onep0ll Plus...first survey in for £1.25.
    *Made leftover soup with chicken carcass and leftover veg.
    *Started using up suncream as daytime moisturiser. The SPF factor is always the most important ingredient of any facial moisturiser imo.
    *Took little one out for a walk, wrapped up well and kept pushing that pushchair for nearly an hour. Great free exercise.

    Today's plan...
    *Wait in for Xmas pressie delivery from Argos. HATE Xmas shop I buy most in October and get the last bits online. Also went through "Quidc0" for the cashback.
    *Sort through and seperate all paperwork...mine and his. Bin what's not needed and ensure all the vitals are in one place (passport, mortgage papaers etc.)Long, boring, not a nice task but gotta be done.
    *Join Tomb0la bingo via Quidco...£10 to pay, £20 cashback.
    *Tidy kitchen.
    *Continue on with degree work.
    *Start wrapping prezzies.

    Hopefully I will have more to add later...have a productive Tuesday folks. x x
    Failure isn't a known word to me - O/P: £110/20'000:T
    7/52 :j
    Mortgage was: £182'500...Mortgage is: £160'673

    "Let me tell you something. This is my playpen, and I get the last word." Judge Judy
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    Bless you, shesloaded. Im so glad you've decided to carry on your MFW plan despite such a huge change. Im sure with such a positive attitude you'll do really well.

    Good luck
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    Morning ShesLoaded, sorry to hear your news but good to hear you are keeping your diary.

    You may still have time to join MFiT and you can use this for OPing or saving.

    Good luck on your journey.

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    Good luck SL as you say it's going to be a different journey now, but still the same result... Hope your ok
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    I'm sorry to hear that shesloaded, good for you for staying determined though, best wishes.
    2022 MFW 67 - 33 month challenge to clear mortgage, month 5 completed and on track 🙂MFI3 No.12
  • Wow... a roller coaster diary and you're only on the first page. A good distraction/focus for you though. I'll look forward to reading about your efforts to save for a deposit in your new life chapter. x
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  • Thanks all...your kind words are much appreciated. x x

    Well, OH has decided to apologise...grovel...and make a super duper effort to behave himself. So the mortgage overpayments are back is the original plan...£20'000 in two years. Very ambitious but gotta keep trying.

    Today's progress:

    *On Saturday night via Qu1dco I joined William Hill (bet £10 to get £20 cashback) and believe it or not...that cashback went into my bank account today. How quick is that? Very impressive.
    *Have an Asda order coming tomorrow (2 weeks of shopping and the last bit of my xmas gift shopping...coming in at £120. Just trimmed it down to £ menu planning, dropping down a brand on certain products and just getting rid of any treats. We will get plenty of those Christmas week.)
    *30p OnePoll
    *Made £10.50 on Ebay
    *Withdrew £15 from Paypal account into our mortgage OP fund.
    *An hours brisk walk, free exercise and a free cuppa at Aunties house and a good chat putting the world to rights.
    *Auntie had bought LO a DVD and a new dress...just as a treat.
    *Payday tomorrow...whoop whoop!
    Failure isn't a known word to me - O/P: £110/20'000:T
    7/52 :j
    Mortgage was: £182'500...Mortgage is: £160'673

    "Let me tell you something. This is my playpen, and I get the last word." Judge Judy
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