Would you ask for a doggy bag?

You're stuffed at a restaurant but there are still loads of juicy noodles/meat/whatever left over that would make a perfect lunch tomorrow… Which is closest to what you'd usually do?

Pick one of five options in this week's poll:

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  • BNTBNT Forumite
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    Not sure why anyone would be embarrassed to ask. The server should normally ask the customer, not the other way round.
  • felixthemoggyfelixthemoggy Forumite
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    My grandma takes her own doggy bag - a tupperware box!

    Whenever she goes for a meal with her friends she takes a plastic box with her & puts half her meal in it at the start and then she has room for pudding and a meal to take home for another day!!!
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  • mrcowmrcow Forumite
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    Have done and would do.

    I've yet to come across an eating establishment that does not have containers/boxes for left over food.

    Why would anything think it an odd thing to do? Especially with some of the portion sizes some establishments dish out.
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  • Having done a few trips to the USA, it's common practise over there. My SIL's fridge often has "leftover" boxes in, taken to work for lunch the next day, etc.
  • always do and if not the sort of place that offers some gets wrapped in napkins for the two four legged members of the family as treat
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  • There has to be quite a bit leftover for me to bother and I'm much more likely to do it in Indian or Chinese restaurants (where they will definitely have take-away containers) - but then I'm also more likely to over-order in those restaurants.

    I would definitely be a fan of it being commonplace for waiting staff to ask if you'd like one, as it can be a little embarrassing to ask.
  • I find it easier to ask for the remnants to be boxed up, rather than for a "doggy bag".
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    If you don't ask it's only going in the bin.
    If it's nice ask and take it home.
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  • CabbagewhiteCabbagewhite Forumite
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    yes I do, but very rarely eat in restaurants these days. If we don't eat it the next day, it would go to either our dog or our chickens. When I used to work as a waitress at weddings and functions, I often used to take the leftover meat and fish home, that was left uneaten on the plates as we cleared, to feed the animals. As food waste is no longer allowed to go to feed pigs, restaurants are more than happy for you to take it away for free, rather than pay for it to go to waste. I've never known one be funny about it in over 30 years of eating out and 15 years working in restaurants.
  • There's this one place I love, a BBQ restaurant that I always order too much in. I've asked for it to be boxed up there. Still couldn't even finish it on the 2nd meal!!

    Although I rarely have any leftovers at restaurants! And if I do, it's usually because the food wasn't great, with a few exceptions obviously lol.
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