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Tackling the Debt together


Today myself and my partner are sending the Application off to CCCS to start a DMP.

We have wrote all the letters out to the Creditors and they are sat waiting to be sent as well.

We havent missed any payments yet on our Debts because my Mums been helping but something needs to be done.

The debt we have is -

Barclays loan (Mine)
Barclays Overdraft (Mine)
Vanquis (Mine)
Barclaycard (Mine)
K&Co (Mine)
Hsbc Loan (Partners)
Tesco Loan (Partners)

My partners hours go cut in half whilst i was pregnant and thats left us not being able to afford our repayments.

When we enter the Dmp it will take us 8years to become debt free.

Im feeling pretty scared at the moment and finding it hard to believe our creditors will actually agree to our DMP.

This is going to be a long journey.........


  • Day 1 of DMP

    So im on day one of my DMP Journey so i will start this diary properly!

    I sent off the letters informing the Creditors of the DMP this afternoon and the paperwork to CCCS as well.

    Im sat feeling worried sick about it all, Im worried they will send people to my door, im worried they will reject the CCCS monthly offer...Im worried about EVERYTHING!

    When i have time tomorrow im going to add the amount of Debt to my signature so i can eventually see it going down...

    Have a good evening everyone!

    and heres to the the next 8 and a half years of paying off our debt (Im hoping to get the amount of time down a bit!)
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