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Hi Everyone,

I had my LBM at the beginning of August this year when it hit me that it was 2 weeks to pay day and I had £10 in my purse and no money in my bank. Money shop it is then I thought but as one of my cheques from the previous month had bounced they refused me any more credit. Three children, 3 cats, a hubby and no money. After a very sleepless night and many tears I typed into google how to get out of debt and I found this site :)

At LBM my debts were £30,000 and consisted of 2 loans with high interest rates, mortgage arrears, overdraft, moneyshop and money owed to family.

Current situation:
All moneyshop debt is paid back and haven't use the shop since LBM
My husband is doing as much overtime as he can, last month 30 hours
Paying £75 of arrears a month with an additional small extra weekly payment
Claiming back catalogue charges (£420 so far)
Almost out of my £1000 overdraft
Put in claims for miss sold PPI
£50 extra payment per month to the loan that is secured
£50 per month to family

I have managed to get my debt down by £3000 but really need some support from some kind members
Debt at LBM Aug 2012 £30,000 :eek: 1% at a time - Member # 178 = 100%
Debt free date November 2015 :j :beer:


  • hi hunni, good luck with your debt free journey.
    you're doing really well, :T well done!
    200 weeks £25,000.00 / £700
  • tootallulahtootallulah Forumite
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    What a great start, you are doing really well, 10% down in three months is a real achievement.l. I will look out for your posts, good luck.
  • Belle208Belle208 Forumite
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    Well done on taking control, will subscribe to keep up with you.
  • sunshinesquirrelsunshinesquirrel Forumite
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    Well done with your debt busting so far - you've done really well.

    I think finding this site will be a great source of inspiration and help for you. The lovely folk here have helped me with lots of things from reclaiming PPI to setting challenges for myself and lots of bargain hunting! Generally, this site has really made me get my life in order.

    Take a bit of time, have a look around the forum and I'm sure you'll get lots and lots of great ideas to help you along.

    Good luck and I shall also subscribe and keep you company on your journey.
  • Thank you all for your kind words :A As I am term time only I have the week off with my boys and we have spent all morning searching for things to sale on ebay and have also found 3 phones that are no longer in use. I am going to have a look on I have never sold on ebay before it seems quite simple but need to get my head around the postage.

    Checked my bank this morning and I have almost £100 from topcashback and add that to my DH's overtime and I have another £300 to pay of my debts :j
    Debt at LBM Aug 2012 £30,000 :eek: 1% at a time - Member # 178 = 100%
    Debt free date November 2015 :j :beer:
  • LunaLadyLunaLady Forumite
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    Good luck on your debt free journey, you have come so far already.

    You will find lots of challenges around the site to help keep you motivated. There are some really lovely people on these boards and always someone to lend a supportive ear or a shoulder to cry on.
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  • mrskromrskro Forumite
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    Like you my thoughts are for my daughters future. I thankfully only have £8K in debt but with no way of working overtime and a set salary coming in it's been about cutting back. I have found a lot of support here this past week.

    My LBM only came last week when like you I opened my purse and realised how little I had and it was still 9 days til payday. As it is I was able to cut back on some things straight away and last week managed to find almost £30 to make payments.

    I am trying to have NSD's but this is hard with a 4yr old.

    My heartfelt, sincerest luck for a DF future for you and yours
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    Good luck :)

    Eb*y postage simple BTW - download or get leaflet from PO and use kitchen scales - you will soon work out how much a jumper/boots/coat costs to send - there are Eb*y threads on here too worth a look at
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    Why dont you pop up a SOA when you get a mo & we will see if we can help?
    Great start~keep posting!
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  • Hi All, just a quick update, I'm aiming to get my debt down by another £1000 by the end of the month and I'm on target :j had a little set back today, I managed to get a puncher and had to fork out £70 for a new tyre :mad: but because I'd paid my overdraft back there wasn't the usual financial panic :) Husband has 45 hours overtime in this months wage and I am doing lots of little things and watching every penny.

    With regards to the SOA we had someone look at this about 6 months ago, the only things left now to reduce is the car insurance which is due in January (had a quote from tesco's which is over £100 cheaper than I'm paying now) and my home Insurance which I can't change until July.

    Thanks for all your support
    Debt at LBM Aug 2012 £30,000 :eek: 1% at a time - Member # 178 = 100%
    Debt free date November 2015 :j :beer:
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