Onwards and upwards

Good afternoon Diary-land! :wave:

I hope no-one minds this new diary.

I work best with short term goals and lists, I like crossing things off. Sometimes I’ll even add something to a list after I’ve done it so I can then cross it off!:o

I am forever single, disastrously so sometimes. But I have met someone who I like, and who I think likes me. Problem is (there’s always a problem) he’s now away and I won’t see him after Sunday until the New Year.

I am also in a lot of debt (see my signature). I am working hard to get it down, and am doing OK. I have had relapses and wobbles, but who doesn’t?

The purpose of this brand spanking new diary is to give me a short-term boost, until 2013. There are a number of things I want to do to reinvent myself. Not just for the potential bloke, but for me – I want to be a better person.:cool:

Here’s what I want to do:

1. Lose weight. I need to lose about half a stone, not much, but enough to make my clothes too tight and my confidence too low. I go to Crossfit and go running, I need to be stricter with myself, especially when it comes to food.

2. Gain confidence. I need to keep to my self-esteem programme I was given when I had medical advice last year. This will link in to everything else too.

3. Work harder/smarter. I am a terrible procrastinator. I’m even typing this whilst at work. And it’s not like I haven’t got enough to do – I usually end up working Sundays to catch up.

4. Go to church. It makes me feel better, I should go more.

5. Finances….

I will tackle the financial side of things in the next post!

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  • And so onto the finances... You can see my debts in my signature. I am on a DMP, and pay £740 a month into it.

    So here’s my list of tasks:

    1. I want to be “money neutral” – aside from certain items (petrol, groceries, bills) which are budgeted for, I want to only spend money that I have made on top of my normal wages :o I want to be able to make £10 a day, every day. I should be able to do this with some effort and commitment.

    2. I want to up my DMP payments to £1000 from January. There should be no problem doing this, with the first point in place. I earn more than enough and have limited outgoings. Just need to stick to my budget!

    3. I want to pay for all of my Christmas presents with vouchers I have earned online/been given. I am currently at £40, I think I need at least £120 to be able to spend a decent amount on my close family. No-one else will be getting anything. I have plenty of cards left over from last year.

    I need to build up some savings as well; I currently have no safety net which is what mucks up my budget.

    That’s about it for money – the main aim is £1000 a month to the DMP.

    How nice would it be to not have a £0 balance at the end of each month!:(

    Total Debt: £0 [STRIKE]£33,043[/STRIKE]
    Official DFW Nerd No. 763
    :jDMP start date Aug 2011~DFD Aug 2013 :j
  • Love to Shop (various shops) £10
    Boots (Valued Opinions) £10 (not yet received)
    Amazon (SB and Ipsos) £20 (£10 not yet received)

    So a total of £40 so far...£80 to go!:eek:
    Total Debt: £0 [STRIKE]£33,043[/STRIKE]
    Official DFW Nerd No. 763
    :jDMP start date Aug 2011~DFD Aug 2013 :j
  • And as for the money neutral:

    So far for November I have planned...

    Mystery Shop £23.50
    Owed from work £22.58
    Ebay aim £50.00
    Folksy aim £20.00
    Total £116.08

    I will update with how it is going though!

    Total Debt: £0 [STRIKE]£33,043[/STRIKE]
    Official DFW Nerd No. 763
    :jDMP start date Aug 2011~DFD Aug 2013 :j
  • WalaboobahWalaboobah Forumite
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    You sound like you have it all planned out - I have no doubt you will get there and quickly too! :beer:

    Good luck with the new relationship too :T
  • Hello!

    good idea for the money neutral thing!

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  • Hi southernbelle,

    Welcome to diaryland, I am going to enjoy following your progress.

    Congratulations on a lovely new BF. Between him going and coming back in the new year, is a perfect time for you to blossom into all that you might be without too many distractions xx.
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  • Well, the potential bloke has left for 6 weeks :( And he said he is not sure he is ready for a new relationship, but hopefully by the time he gets back he will be. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I think he's worth waiting for. :o

    I received a cheque today for £25 from confused.com Motor Mate - this will go towards me being "money neutral" in November.

    I have a full day of money saving / spending booked in on Wednesday, payday! :rotfl:I have two mystery shops booked in and am desperately looking for more to make me money neutral on that day. I have to pay £40 for a laser tattoo removal appointment, and have £13.50 worth of MS to do. Not good at the moment.

    My voucher total currently is:

    Love to Shop (various shops) £10
    Boots (Valued Opinions) £10 (not yet received)
    Amazon (SB and Ipsos) £15, close to another £10 from SB - will aim to get that by the end of today.

    That makes a total of £35 for Christmas - another £85 to go!!!!:eek: Really need to get cracking with this! Especially as I think I will be spending some of those vouchers this week to buy my nephews' birthday presents - both in November (thanks sis).:rotfl:
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  • An update on my voucher activity:

    Love to shop (various shops) £10
    Boots (valued opinions) £10 (not yet received)
    Amazon £25 (swagbucks and ipsos)

    That's a total of £45 - £75 to go, which somehow seems a lot more manageable!!:cool:

    In terms of mystery shopping, I have £13.75 due to be paid to me on or around the 10th.

    I have an audit for £10 this evening, and a mystery shop for £10 tomorrow. I also have one for £3.75 booked in for next week. As I am expecting all of those to be paid OK, that will give me a running total of £37.50 from mystery shops for the first two weeks of the month.

    I have banked £25 from confused.com Motor Mate.

    That makes £62.50 (despite me counting my chickens before they've hatched).

    I need to make more somehow to meet my "money neutral" challenge!! But am feeling quite happy - it's only the 2nd November!!:cool:
    Total Debt: £0 [STRIKE]£33,043[/STRIKE]
    Official DFW Nerd No. 763
    :jDMP start date Aug 2011~DFD Aug 2013 :j
  • In terms of points, I am on:

    985 / 1000 on GTM (come on, just one more survey!!) :o
    £1.75/£10.00 on Valued Opinions :(
    258/849 on SB :(
    £3.40/£40.00 on One Poll - this may take some time!!:rotfl:

    I am going to aim for £10 from GTM and £5 from SB this weekend. That will take me to £60 in vouchers, which is half-way to my aim. My aim seems a little too high for one month to go, but it's better to try and fail than not try at all. I think...
    Total Debt: £0 [STRIKE]£33,043[/STRIKE]
    Official DFW Nerd No. 763
    :jDMP start date Aug 2011~DFD Aug 2013 :j
  • Hi Southernbelle,

    I'm loving your new diary and if i'm completely honest your goals could practically be mine!! Very scary!!

    I too need to lose about half a stone but just can't seem to do it. I was on a dmp but now manage it myself and deal with credtors and my debt is just under 20k now. I also have to work on my self esteem but somehow (stupidly or not) I think it's linked to my weight and I also want to go to church more regularly, starting this Sunday actually!

    Only difference is i'm not single. Happily married in April this year to my lovely hubby.

    Oh and I am the QUEEN of procrastination!!!!

    Have subscribed to your diary hopefully we can spur each other on to clear this last bit of debt and get some of our goals achieved :D

    Choc x
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