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I've just moved into a house built in 1967, the electrics aren't up to scratch at the moment but it's on the list to get done.

Are there any requirements with regards to the condition of the electrics in a house to be able to get solar panels installed?


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    None that I'm aware of. In my case, they just added a new small consumer unit next to the existing one, with its own RCD and circuit breaker. That way they didn't have to do anything to the existing wiring.
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    Same here, separate mini consumer unit .... a couple of early suppliers which we had around (fixed price nationals) tried everything possible to inflate the standard price .... unstandard scaffolding(~£1000), replacement CU(~£700-£1000), earth bonding upgrade(~£500), undertile hooks additional over drilling tiles(~£500), SMA sunnybeam (~£500), inverter not in loft (~£1000) and a list of others as long as your arm ... we even had one company request ~£400 (refundable against order) for the privilege of them coming to survey in order to quote for the job .... :rotfl:

    Get a quote from a local company and they will tell you what's required, if anything ...

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