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Hi All

I am hoping i get some advice on solar panels. My parents are very keen to use solar panels and were contacted the other day by SolarStyle Uk based in Stockton. My dad seems happy with the price and the Feed in Tariff and has agreed to a survey.

Anyone heard or used this company? any reviews?

Also any general advise on Solar panels? when will they see a return on investment?

Any advice appreciated



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    Hello, have a look at this thread for general advice:

    If you can get your head round it, try to calculate what the proposed system will generate (section 5). If you're not sure, then pop on some general details (approx size, approx location, approx orientation) and I'll have a go.

    From there you can get an idea of income, and then, depending on price, a rough idea on returns/payback.

    See how you get on, then pop back with some more info.

    Lastly, if you give details of the system and cost, loads of people will be able to offer advice on the price (whether they think it's good, fair, or too expensive).

    Have fun.

    Mart. Cardiff. 5.58 kWp PV systems (3.58 ESE & 2.0 WNW)

    For general PV advice please see the PV FAQ thread on the Green & Ethical Board.
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