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Off sick is it possible to freeze mortgage for short time

Could anyone advise me please?My partner has been off sick from work for 4 months with stress and anxiety and had a break down, he has been admitted but gladly home and on the mend.
His work were paying full sick pay up untill the end of this month, so we have managed to keep our heads above water, well he has now been informed his sick pay will go to £85 a week satortory, he does have a protection but that does not kick in till 6 months off sick.
We are trying to find out,if there was a way to get our mortgage frozen or some help for a few months,as we are not going to be able to cover it. He is the main bread winner so his wages count for a lot.
We have contacted the mortgage company and are speaking to someone Thursday, but wandered if anyone had advice prior to us meeting them please?
We have never missed a payment and have never been late paying.
I just want to try to make sure no extra stress can happen as he is getting on the mend and don't want him to back 3 steps.
Thanks for your time


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    I was off work due to illness for 12 months, after 6 months we were struggling and spoke to our mortgage provider and agreed on an amount well below our monthly payment. They were very understanding and as soon as i was back to work they agreed to an 'overpayment ' of £20.00 a month to start paying off our arrears. Good luck
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