Tory Minister learns cost of 1st Class ticket

I see that the Chancellor of the Exchequer learned today that you can't travel 1st class on a 2nd class ticket. :rotfl:Glad to see that like the rest of us he (or rather his aide) had to pay up. Good on the ticket collector I say :T


  • OurKev
    OurKev Posts: 762 Forumite
    Trouble is.... he'll claim it back on expenses, so us taxpayers foot the bill and Virgin make a bit more profit!

    Maybe he was just trying to save the country some money?;)
  • Fair one to the train manager, why should he be allowed 1st class treatment when he holds a standard ticket.

    On a lighter note, now that Mr Osborne is a bit p155ed off with Virgin trains, I wonder if this will have any impacted on their West Coast franchise renewal :think:
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  • thelawnet
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    It seems that it was the police officer's fault anyway.
  • The whole point of this incident was that Osborne and his "advisor" thought it was acceptable to try and sit in 1st when they clearly had not bought a ticket to sit there. Then his advisor suggests that clearly he cant sit with the common people in coach.

    Point is I have no qualms with them going first class, he is after all the chancellor. The fact that they thought it was ok to try and con their way in is what gets me.

    Another glaring example of the incompetency and we are better than you attitude of the current government.
  • rdwarr
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    OurKev wrote: »
    Trouble is.... he'll claim it back on expenses, so us taxpayers foot the bill and Virgin make a bit more profit!

    Are you sure about that? Surely if First Class was claimable then he'd have bought the ticket in the first place.

    Unless he was trying a "pocket the difference" fiddle ;)
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  • nearlyrich
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    Perhaps if you read the statement from Virgin you might realise it was all a storm in a teacup and some junior reporter trying to make a story out of nothing?

    Virgin said the party sat in first class waiting to pay to upgrade, he was supposed to catch an earlier quieter train but due to meetings overrunning he missed it. Lot's of people get on with a standard ticket and upgrade every day no story really....
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  • It is very much a non-story especially as it was the aid that the argument with the guard and not the minister and so there is no indication on if the minister had an issue with the upgrade fee or not.
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