Loft and Cavity wall insulation

OK Guys

I'm a total newbie so thought I would throw this bomb out there if it hasn't already been discussed.

For the past 2 or 3 yrs I have had people at my door telling me i can get subsidized grants for these insulation schemes. Now I am being told it is free.

1. Is it really free?

2. Nothing is free, I am told there is government grants, so am I subsidising this through my tax payments? If so why?

3. So many of my neighbours have had this work carried out. Am I missing something?

What a brilliant forum - I only discovered today and it's refreshing to know that so many others share thoughts I thought were exclusive to me.

PS - this must be an american site as so many words I know to be in the concise oxford dictionary are being questioned - sometimes replacing S with a Z!!


  • 1.yes (well , you dont pay directly to installer , see 2.)
    :) cheers Jim
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    Agree with Jim's responses - re your "am I subsidising this through my tax payments? If so why?" question - that's how all public spending is financed! (Well that and borrowing, but that has to be repaid eventually).

    Re your last point it just sounds like you have an American English spelling checker in your browser, nothing to so with the site.
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  • As to why - home insulation can pay back rapidly.
    This is not only good for the homeowner, but for the country.

    It leads to reduced imports of foreign energy, meaning the economy has to work less hard to sustain itself.
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