fifty+ "bags for life"


in decluttering I have consolidated my "bag for life" collection - and I have over 50, some hemp, some plastic, all sturdy and cluttering up my home.

I live in Wales, and since the 5p charge was introduced some places don't stock "single use" bags (which I tended to use lots more than once because they could be screwed up into my handbag) - and yes I support the charge, but I've not been organised enough, so.....

50+ bags - NOT very green, any suggestions for recycling/repurposing - or somewhere I can give them to be reused/redistributed (I asked someone I know who works in my most local store and they said if I gave them back they'd just bin them as they couldn't be resold...."
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    Give them to a charity shop, I'm sure they will use them.
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    Most people use plastic bags to line their bins.
    Put some in your shopping bag and car.

    I think we all collect to many carrier bags, I do. Tesco take them back in my local store. There is a recycle bin at the back of store.
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  • dvdrdldvdrdl Forumite
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    I use my old bags for all sorts from lining bins to wrapping parcels in.
    I dont use supermarkets that charge for bags as this then means i have to buy bin liners anyway.
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    I have used bags for life for over 8 years now still have some of the same bags although they wont last much longer. Having a charge does make some of us think, well it does me when we go to Aldi when there is a charge. Occasionally I do forget the bag on weekly shop its rare but does happen as I keep bags in garage now use to keep them in car but often had to take them out
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    I have a big collection of hemp, jute and cotton bags for life. I just use a few at a time. I keep them in a huge one under the stairs and just pull out when needed. I've bought them as gift bags for people this year as well.
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    Storage [garage/loft/toys etc]
    Wellie bags.
    Log/fireside bags - jute ones look ok with logs in.
    Tool bag - garden tools/shed etc
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