Incorrect Wages and Fuel Pay

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The girlfriend has started a new job working as a carer. She gets paid on a weekly basis and for 3 weeks running they have got her wages wrong.

She also gets 0.20 per mile travelled in her own car which is not being paid correctly either.

It is a small company who by the sound of things are ripping her off. No-one ever answers the office phone or the works mobile when she queries the wages.

They also have this weird holiday pay scheme. Basically they don't pay for holidays but each pay packet take a percentage of her wages to keep for when you do have a holiday. At this point you can ask for it back.

Half of what she does get paid is going on fuel for the next weeks shifts and it just isn't financially paying off, she'd be better off joining the dole queue.

My question is, what can be done about this? Who can we contact? She isn't going to work there any longer, it's simply not worth it but we want to get paid for the hours she has already done, including the fuel and the holiday pay they have taken from her.

Any ideas?

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    Sound a nice company to work for (NOT!) hope you get it sorted, think there is probably little you can do without taking them to Tribunal or similar, but would they pay? is it worth the stress? maybe for your sanity chalk it down to experience, learn from it to make sure you get a proper employment contract and T's and C's in the future... :(
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    When I was looking for a temporary carer a few years back, I asked the agencies I contacted: what wages do you pay your staff, on what basis are they employed?
    I didn't want demoralised poorly paid staff being ripped off by unscrupulous employers - as a nurse I was happy to pay a proper wage.
    Most of the agencies refused to answer, some thought I was checking their staff weren't over paid!
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    Before your girlfriend quits she should realise that giving up a job without a good reason means that she is likely to be sanctioned when applying for JSA, so so can't just swap the job for the dole.

    In terms of getting paid for hours worked and car allowance if she does quit, the company must pay this, but if she doesn't give the correct notice period for resignation they may try to take action to recover any extra costs they suffer as a result - they may attempt to do this by withholding money due to her, even though that's not allowed (unlawful deduction of wages).

    To be honest, it sounds very much like most jobs in the care sector, poorly paid and something of a shambles. However, mistakes with wages do happen in the first few weeks while payroll gets sorted out, and if she is using her own car and is only getting 20p per mile then she can recover another 25p per mile from HMRC.

    Rather than pack the job in and have no money I think she should consider sticking with it for a while to see if things get better, and maybe look for another job at the same time.
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