Do you give coupons and till spits you can't use to others ?

I missed out on £5 off £40 by about 37p yesterday at Tesco because I hate walking around supermarket with a calculator. As I was pushing trolley my mother spotted a woman with loads of shopping starting to bag stuff and nagged me so I gave it to her. (I knew I wouldn't be going to Tesco again before it ran out)

Once, in the Tesco Extra my mother uses, the woman in front of me asked if I had a Clubcard and asked till operator to put her points on my card cos she didn't have one. In Auchan in Boulogne I've often seen Brits asking Auchan cardholders if they want their points.

Has anyone ever given you coupons ? Do you give some of yours to others ?


  • caroline78
    caroline78 Posts: 857 Forumite
    If it is a coupon I know I am not going to use I set it on the shelf beside the products and hope someone else gets it.
  • Meadows
    Meadows Posts: 4,530 Forumite
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    Yes if I know I can't use it I pass it on.
    A few weeks ago I bought and all day bus ticket used it for what I needed and when I got off passed in on to someone waiting at the bus stop (going where I had just come from), I also pass on car park tickets if there is time for someone else to benefit.

    Seldom get things come my way but Hey Ho :)
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  • Miss.Take
    Miss.Take Posts: 231 Forumite
    caroline78 wrote: »
    If it is a coupon I know I am not going to use I set it on the shelf beside the products and hope someone else gets it.


    Often I will only use a coupon alongside a special offer as I tend to end up with coupons for things I don't ususally buy; so if the coupon only has a day left and the product is not on offer I always leave it on the shelf.

    Or if I have a PDF coupon and have exta printed I will pass it over to someone if they are reaching for the product at the same time.

    I do the car park thing too, especially at the hospital where the parking costs are extortionate.
  • scorpiolady
    scorpiolady Posts: 492 Forumite
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    Yes definately, a couple of months ago when tesco was giving out £5 off £40 shop i had about 6 of them and knowing i wouldn't use all of them i took a stroll along the tills and handed them out to shoppers.
  • iris
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    I leave coupons on the shelf with the relevant product. I also give my all day parking tickets away when i am leaving the car park.

    I have also given away the BOGOF part of an offer - my husband wanted some donuts and they were on BOGOF, but I knew they wouldn't all be eaten before they went stale (can't be frozen). I stopped someone with children and gave her the extra bag. I think she thought I was mad:rotfl:
  • Edwardia
    Edwardia Posts: 9,170 Forumite
    iris I have to say that if a stranger asked me if I'd like some free doughnuts I would be looking for the market research clipboard ! Well done you though, I bet the kids enjoyed them !
  • Chris25
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    Twice recently, I've been told off in Sainsbury's for leaving vouchers under items on the shelves - I can't see the problem, if I'm not using them, why can't somebody else?
  • building_with_lego
    I used to live in the Black Country and everyone who didn't have the store loyalty card would ask the person behind/ two behind/ in the next queue whether they had a card and wanted their points. Nobody does it here, and sometimes (Waitrose, Tesco) I offer my points to would- be takers, but they look at me all funny :(
    They call me Dr Worm... I'm interested in things; I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm. :grin:
  • Edwardia
    Edwardia Posts: 9,170 Forumite
    Just remembered that when I lived in Canada, the local more downmarket supermarket had a table where people left manufacturers' coupons and people would have a rummage.

    When I was a kid you used to be able to hand them in at Sainsbury's even if you hadn't bought the product but they don't let you do that now.

    I've got a myWaitrose card but I'm not sure why cos I haven't been offered 10% off my shopping to 2013 to a max of £500 and non-Waitrose regulars sometimes have been. :(
  • DUKE
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    I've passed on bus tickets with difficulty, some people tend to back away from me :eek: Whilst other's are happy to accept.
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