NEWSPAPER SUMMARY - Saturday 28th July 2012

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NEWSPAPER SUMMARY - Saturday 28th July 2012

Please post here if you get any of today's newspapers or have the chance to look through one.
Please tell us if any of them contain coupons or freebies or vouchers OR NOT !

Important details are:
The cost of the newspaper
Whether it's a regional edition - SOME OFFERS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE
Page number
Expiry date of the voucher
Whether it's store specific and has a barcode (POST the BARCODE NUMBER if possible)

Remember if you go shopping look in as many newspapers as you can.
Post even if you don't see any coupons, and mention any offers that you see.

Below you'll find a list of the abbreviations and how to interpret them.

MOC - Money Off Coupon
Bc - Barcode, good chance of universal scan
bc - only selected stores scan
Xwrd - Crossword
PUZ - Puzzle
T#3 - Token 3
T2collect - Token 2 Collect (generally you have to collect numerous tokens to get the offer)

Lets hope todays a good one for coupons

Link to yesterday's thread - Friday 27th July 2012


SATURDAY newspaper pricing details (MOST REGIONS) :

i On Saturday 30p / Sun 50p / Star 55p / Mirror 70p / Express 80p / Mail 90p
Times £1.50 / Independent £1.60 / Telegraph £2 / Guardian £2.10

A new feature added at the request of several avid Newspaper Summary threads readers.
A link to the "MAGAZINE Offers" thread - worth checking post #1 & #2 and the last page probably on a daily basis.

AND Don't forget .... IF YOU ARE COLLECTING DVDs / CDs etc. .... with TODAY'S ......



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