Ideas on how to make the wedding more us

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  • Maybe worry less about making a personalised theme, but just have things you like. Something unique that people will remember.

    Depending on your budget, we had a bird of prey display during the photographs, was one of our extravagances but only as a last minute splurge because we had managed to save money elsewhere. This went down really well.

    Something much cheaper and that also went down well with the guests, were glow sticks. We had them in jars and put out with the evening food.

    Its the little touches that really make it personal. Have you got table names? Maybe something irish related. Or if you like camping, places you've camped. We had sweets as our tables names, ones we loved as kids and as adults. And then had jars of that sweet on each table as part of the decoration/favours
  • we named our tables after gemstones as im asian and had very blingy outfit and jewellry, we chose music that was special to us and everyone knew it, we had indian food. my hubby not asian so he and the boys wore traditional suits whilst me and my girls wore asian dresses :-) we had red (asian wedding colour) and turqouise blue (my hubby fave) for colours which we incorporated into our chair covers, red with blue sashes, cake, car, flowers and buttonholes, tablecloths. we also had a "love book" made from photobox with pics from us over the years that we put on our gift table.
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    I think the one thing that has made our ceremony more us has been the music we've chosen. I am going to walk down the aisle to a piece of music taken from my favourite film as a child (Labyrinth - cannot wait to see if my family recognise it). We're singing the register to a song by Led Zeppelin, one of MrD's favourite bands. And then we're leaving the registry office to a piano version of REMs "It's the end of the world as we know it" which is just so our sense of humour. I can't wait.
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    Even with a traditional church wedding you can still put in personal touches. Can you pick some music you like to walk in or out to, or while signing the register. Have a family member or friend do a reading. It could be non-religious but still appropriate in a church. You could also write vows to include in the service. There are certain things you have to say legally, but other than that you could ask if the vicar/priest would let you add in something of your own. We had a civil ceremony but my favourite thing was that we had personal readings and wrote our own vows
    And for the reception, although your venue is inlcuding most things, that doesn't mean you can't add a little extra. Some little extra decorations, music during the meal
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