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okay, i am going to try to attempt to explain what has happened in the hope that someone has some helpful advice.

I checked my online bank statement and the realisation hit me that i did not know what i was paying equidebt 27.85 for each month! silly, i know, so please dont just tell me im stupid, thats not helpful! i found the details for them onine and emailed them. they replied by giving away very little and said the account had been handed back to capital one in august 2006. I wasnt quite sure what this meant so i phoned capital one who told me that they owed me nearly 1000 pounds as the debt had been settled. ( i worked out that its nearly 2000 pounds of money paid since august 2006 so unsure as to where the rest of the money went). I phoned equidebt who said they owed me nearly 400 pounds. I was still confused as this was a different amount but they explained that they pass the money to capital one that is collected. When i asked them why noone had sent a letter or actually just refused the payments all i got was a 'hmmmm not sure'. I told them that i thought they had to tell me how much was outstanding etc on a debt and also explained that I have not moved so should have received any letters they were saying they had sent. Well last saturday i received a cheque for 975 pounds from capital one so i paid it into my bank BUT today i come home and the payment has been stopped!!!!
I rang capital one, who kept ending the call everytime they transferred me or found out my name. finally i spoke to someone (fifth attempt, at this point i think they realised i wasnt just going to stop ringing) who said they had sent the amount back to equidebt.
arggggghhhhhhh! (furious! and i told them this & that it might have actually been nice if someone could have contacted me about this!!!)
so now i cant get in touch with equidebt until the morning as they are shut and i am furious!
capital one put the phone down on me AGAIN when i told them i was not happy and would be placing a formal complaint!
who do i contact & what can i do about this... anyone?? help?:mad:
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