5k has been paid into my account what do I do??

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5k has been paid into my account, when I realised I transfered it all into a savings account, my house is about to be repossessed so I used all the money to get my family out of trouble with regards to my house being taken away.... but now reality has hit me... can I get arrested for using this money that wasn't mine??
I knew it was an error but we were desperate I have a newborn and a four year old daughter and my husband has left me for another woman, if I do get arrested whats the likely punishment? or will I just have to agree a payment plan with the bank??

I know ive been stupid, but I hope you can appreciate I was desperate!


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    Gosh! You are very worried. You may need to get some advice from the CAB or likewise. Try not to worry - you don't know yet.

    You will have to pay the money back if and when the sender realises.

    I don't think you will go to prison, if you for example thought that your ex-husband had given you some money to help you out of this really bad situation.

    They may ask you to pay the funds back or even reverse the payment, you will just have to make some sort of arrangement and if they take you to court so be it, but you can only pay what you can afford even if it is a very small amount.

    I know of lots of cases like this but I don't think you will go to prison, you have small children and if we look at most cases women with children are not sent to prison unless necessary, they have no other care and I think that is a massive case that you would have.

    I don't think they will take you to prison :-)
  • As assj says - don't panic and try not to worry!!

    I know of people who have deliberately defrauded 5 times that in benefits and only got Community Service. However, in your case, it should not go even anywhere near that.

    Go to the CAB and talk to them asap..it is a shame that you thought the money was guilt money from your ex husband, however now you have realised it wasn't, but have unfortunately spent it on debts.

    You want to pay it back but don't know how and can't get it back.

    They will then advise you accordingly.

    Don't panic and try not to worry!!
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  • Is it from the son of the president of Nigeria.
    If so there are hundreds of people waiting for it...
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    chances are if this was sent from a business, it will take a while to spot but whyen there is an audit it will be noticed.

    nobody misplaces 5 grand just like that. I don't think you will go to jail for it, but you will be forced to pay it back some way,
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