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Will anyone give me a mortgage?

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I am getting a divorce and my house has just gone on the market. I don't want to sell and would like to buy my ex out. We paid off our mortgage some years ago. I would need £165k to do it. I'm 54 and I earn £15k. I do have some savings, probably about £90k. I have absolutely no idea of what I can do - my ex always handled the money side of things. Does anyone have any idea please?
Thanks in advance.:(


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    You need to get some decent advice, this can be done.

    There may be some emotional advice you would want to take from friends/family though as this is a huge commitment, when later in working life to take on.

    Imagine that you would be better to downgrade and live your life, rather than lump up a big mortgage and spend the next many years paying it off.

    No children that could potentially help out?

    Hope this helps, ask as much information as you want and there are many on this forum that can and will help...
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