PV Solar FIT installation modification

Hi all,
I am considering having some PV panels installed in order to generate electricity and benefit under the feed-in-tariffs.

I am hesitating at the moment, however, since I am also considering an extension to my house in 5 or so years time, which will alter the roof significantly. Ideally, I would install the PV system now (and register for the FIT) and then perform the extension in 5 years time or so.
If I were to extend, the PV panels would have to be removed (to allow the roof works to be performed) and then re-fitted, possibly in a different (but better - i.e. more south facing) position.

In the above scenario, I am trying to find out if/how my FIT eligibility would be effected, and whether my FIT tariff rate would be changed.

Under the FIT legislation, I am aware that extensions to the system will be assessed at a different tariff rate, and that simple modifications are allowed (e.g. replacing a meter/inverter/panel) without any change to the tariff. I can not find any information, however, about whether removing, re-positioning and re-installing the panels (without adding or taking away from them) would be classed as a 'modification' (therefore allowing me to retain the existing tariff), or whether it would be classified as a new installation (in which case the tariff would be changed or even not paid at all).

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Many thanks for your help!


  • Govt are always changing the rules. Anything could happen.

    Your safest plan is to have the panels on a frame in the garden, some do this. Also easier then to change the tilt for summer/winter positioning :)
  • Hi Bunny ,
    No experiance in your scenario as it's early days in the UK PV world
    My view would be it's a modifaction as you're not changing the equipment or the
    total installed capacity/declared net capacity ( TIC / DNC ) on which the FITs payment is rated.

    Same kit , different position , anyway nobodies gonna know, other than you , me, and the WWW :)
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