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Based on the true story of Violette Szabo GC, one of the bravest women of World War II, Carve Her Name With Pride is the British war movie classic.

Starring BAFTA-winning actress Virginia McKenna as Violette and Oscar-winner Paul Schofield as Tony Fraser, Carve Her Name With Pride is a powerful drama about the lengths that a bereaved woman will go to for her country.

Having volunteered to be parachuted into France as a secret agent, Violette re-organises a shattered covert operations unit and joins the Resistance, where she targets German reinforcements on the Normandy front. A dangerous game, she ends up in the hands of the Gestapo who try to interrogate her into betraying her comrades...

Question - Who stars as Violette Szabo in Carve Her Name with Pride?
Answer - Virginia McKenna

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