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Eating with kids in Belfast City Centre

in N. Ireland
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Anyone have any ideas for friday night?
Don't rreally want to go down the McDonalds route and have heard that some of the Victoria Square restaurants like F&B's, Spurs have gone down hill.
Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • I think Nandos is a good spot. My 5 year old son enjoys it too, there's one in victoria square and another on the Dublin road. Or even while the Continental Markets on, why don't you visit there and try some of the different foods, if its a nice night that is and not raining.
  • We were in a place between Ulster Hall and Deans the other weekend with our two Kids. It looks like the sort of place you wouldn't take kids into (Bit Posh) but to the contrary, it was fab for the kids and the staff were brilliant. (Think its one of these pop up restaurants) Sorry, can't remember what it was called..
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    OP - what about La Tasca?
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    There is an all you can eat Chinese Buffet in Victoria Square that is my sons' favourite place.
    They can pick what they like and there is always jelly and ice cream for desert while you can eat something more civilised.
  • tara747 wrote: »

    OP - what about La Tasca?

    Yip... That's it!

    It was lovely (I thought!)
  • I've eaten in Harlem a few times and never been disappointed, staff were lovely and food good too. I pass it most days and it always seems to be busy which is usually a good sign.
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    Been meaning to try Harlem for a while but could never find any reviews, positive or negative. Might have to now :)
  • I used to work beside Harlem and have been in several times. One of their strongest points is service - really friendly knowledgable staff.

    Food is a very good standard and buns are great if you are just in for a coffee.
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  • Where is Harlem?

    I think the Victoria Square eateries are generally good for a cheapie offer - like 2 courses for £10 or £12 - but would go elsewhere for something a bit more 'special' We are heading for lunch in Chiquito tomorrow though, our kids rave about it
    DJWW - cos we won't let it!
  • Kids always like TGI Fridays, esp when the staff make a fuss of them. Plates are big so maybe share one btwn 2 for children? I didn't think La Tasca in Belfast was all that.

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