Advise needed - Refund wanted - NVQ 3 - Freelance Tutor

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Good Afternoon, I would just really like some advice!?

I enrolled via a Freelance Tutor onto an British Sign Language NVQ Level 3 course last Sept 2010 - at a cost of £1000 (there abouts).

I have completed 65 hours in college (class) and 65 hours out of class researching. I have forwarded my portfolio to the tutor in June 2011 - and he was due to liaise with an internal verifier to see if it could be sent to an external verifier - approx 3 months he held it for before advising it will not be forwarded to the External verifier and that I have till March to redo my clips - the thing is this:

The tutor has not taught me one thing in 65 hours. There was no structure to his classes. There were no 1-1 meetings held after each clip (6 clips to be entered - showing evidence of BSL), he accepted all 6 clips as we went alongt - only now for me to be told to redo 5! The tutor advised on a fortnightly basis different ways for us to order our portfolio - different ways in which our paper work was to be completed 0 it was all a massive shambles.

I realised towards the end of the course that if I didnt try by myself I wouldnt stand a chance of passing, so thats exactly what I tried to do - self learn - and obv not very well as my portfolio hasnt been accepted.

So.... I can either try and redo my clips before March - and have looked into doing this with the help of private tuition < but I feel that I would just be rushing this now to simply get a certificate - its not the certificate I want its the skills.. so I would like to ask for a refund to pay for the course again with some other college sept 2012 - really not happy about this whole situation.... I did not, during the course raise any complaint as I thought I would just dig deep and try to pass on my own accord! Unfortunatly this hasnt been the case.

I have approached a friend who is a solicitor and will take him to the small claims court for me but is there anything I can do before it gets to that stage - do i have any rights??

please please please help :(


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