Need my guitar set up - West Midlands

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I'm a left handed guitar player (just beginning) and got myself a left handed electro acoustic guitar "!!!!!! Dale Malibu" I love the look of it & can tell that once the "niggles" are sorted it will be perfect for me.

Bought it from a shop & paid too much as when it came it definately was not set up...buzzing strings etc :(
As Left handed guitars are more difficult to get hold of, it was a special order (finding a narrow body electric acoustic has proved difficult) so I'd like to keep it :o

Not a lot of faith in the shop, really wasn't happy when they tried to sell me the case that comes with it for free! Anyway at this stage I'm hoping someone can suggest a guitar shop that I could pay to set it up.
I'm based in Worcester, does anyone know of anywhere?

Thank you for any help you can give
Nic x
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    Not that much to setting up that guitar type and is no reason you can't do it yourself. 1st check the neck is straight by looking along the length of the fretboard, any slight bend will cause fret buzz. The neck can be adjusted for straightness by either tightening or loosening the allen nut that adjusts the truss rod.

    If the neck is straight and you still have buzzing then first of change the strings to new ones that are one gauge heavier than whats currently on the guitar (i use 11's on my acoustic, factory recommended are usually 10's but best to check). Last option you have is to check the guitars action ie. the height the bridge raises the strings above the fretboard, some bridge types can be raised by simply turning a couple of screws others will need the white plastic strip taken out and some fine slivers of cardboard or similar packing material added to raise the bridge piece and the bridge piece replaced back in. If its simple strumming, finger picking and barre chords is all you are interested in then rasing the bridge a bit will be no problem, if its more lead type playing you want to try with the neck cutaway on that guitar type then having a higher action on the guitar will be a problem for you where speed and accuracy is needed.
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  • par151
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    a ring, he used to sell loads and they were always set up beautifully, he should be able to help you.
  • NewlySingle
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    Thank you both :)
    :heart::heart: Now "Newly Married" & extra happy! :heart::heart:
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