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Hi All, newbie here, looking for some advice.

My partner has been receiving numerous calls and letters from Lowell Financial and Red demanding payment or they would start court proceedings. My partner has contacted them and paid £150.00 of the debt but after researching the internet and read posts on here we are now questioning.

My partner is unsure as to what the debt is for, it states O2 was the original company but my partner is unaware of what the debt is.

Because my partner has made a payment does this mean they have accepted the liability and we have no leg to stand on?????



  • raven83
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    i have had dealings with these rouges! firstly do not pay them a penny more and do not give them your card details. then put everything in wrtiing and send recorded delivery and ask for written proof that there actually a debt and a valid credit agreement. do not speak to them over the phone. and lastly if its any reasurring, they will not take you to court i can promise you that!
    Raven. :grinheart:grinheart:grinheart

  • writing to them is that this CCA letter that I keep reading about?
  • raven83
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    yeah they have to have a vaild cca agreement to be able to persue any debts most of the time when you request this it mysteriously vanishes or gets lost, very strange....and the people you speak to in the call centres make me laugh, they tell you something different everytime but as soon as you stand uo to them and say you will be writing to request a cca then they soon get lost for words!
    Raven. :grinheart:grinheart:grinheart

  • Thank you I will get the letter sent off asap!
  • suesiq
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    just picked up the above thread as I am having trouble with these people over an 02 debt which is not mine.
    Before you send them the letter you have suggested - are you sure its a CCA regulated debt? If its a phone its more likely to be a contract which is different regulations. You should ask them to provide you with proof that you owe the money in the form of a true copy of the contract. Not that they will send you one, they won't have it but you must insist they do not contact you by telephone and that you do not acknowledge you own the debt or have any knowledge of it. There are lots of similar threads that can give you advice and copies of letters. Good Luck !
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    its a service agreement for mobiles
    Don't put your trust into an Experian score - it is not a number any bank will ever use & it is generally a waste of money to purchase it. They are also selling you insurance you dont need.
  • FTW
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    Then CCA does not apply - they do still have to substantiate the debt, though.

    I'd send the 'I have no knowledge of this debt' letter, and see what comes back from that.

    Also, any correspondence you send should under no circumstances contain your signature.
  • i am having trouble with them...regarding mobile network 3 for a contract i did not have for the time they were pursuing...because it is a mobile debt it apparently relates to a service agreement not a credit agreement which they say is not governed by the consumer credit act...they say therefore there is no requirement to complete and sign such agreement in order to obtain an account of this nature ( mobile phone account)..this is the reply i got when i asked for the original contract!!! what a load of rubbish... how can they say that when i have acknowledged that the debt does not exist?? just to warn you may get the same response..i am looking for advice too..
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