what would you do? (long rant...sorry)

We are constantly overdrawn, and I personally can not see how much more I can save. I've managed to cut weekly shopping bills down by always going for the BOGOF offers etc, drive a 10 year old car, buy my clothes from the charity shop etc etc. I find myself saying no to my 8year old son on an almost daily basis when he asks for comics, sweets etc, and have taken on an extra day's work to try and balance the books.

DP meanwhile has cut his hours (with my blessing, as he had such a grueling schedule last year, it was unbearable living with him), yet still wants to drink nearly a bottle of wine every day, keep his car in tip top condition (ok, also 10 years old, but does it need taking to the wash every week?) and eat Tescos finest foods whenever he could.

As well as being on a joint mortgage for our house, he also owns a flat, which he has rented out to the same tenants since we got together 9 years ago. He has never put the rent up during this period, as he says he doesn't want to make money out of people who are unfortunate enough not to be able to afford to buy. I reckon he could earn at least another £100 a month if he put the rent up to market rates, but would risk loosing the existing tenants.

So... what would you do? Continue as now, struggling every month, whilst the tenants (young, no children, 2 decent incomes) continue to enjoy his generosity, or risk loosing them, and putting the rent up? The extra money would fund 25% of our mortgage repayments.

Oh - not sure if this makes any difference, but his mortgage is due to finish in 4 years, but there will be shortfall of several thousand on the endowment.

I know we need to sit down and discuss it, but he is very reluctant to discuss it.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Kick him up the ar.se?
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    Write down what you want to change and present it to him, one thing at a time.

    The rent on the flat.....9 years without a rent increase is a long time. For all he knows, his tenants may well already own property that they too rent out, whilst living on the cheap at his/your expense! Maybe £100 increase seems too much for him to ask, so meet him somewhere in the middle, what about £60-70 increase? If they're both working, they will be able to afford it and I doubt that they'll want to move, only to pay the same or higher rent elsewhere.

    Expensive foods etc.....don't let him go shopping with you, go on a Thursday or Friday night alone.

    Car wash.....tell DP that it's time that your son learned the value of money and that from now on, the car washing will be done by him in exchange for cash. That way, your son will have money for sweets, comics etc, he will learn a valuable lesson about working for things that he wants and DP will have "redirected" his cash to a more worthy recipient!
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