"Holiday Stamp" reclaim

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A neighbour asked me about reclaiming money on "holiday stamps" - I think these were related to National Insurance. The stopped in the '80s I think. He has heard that you might be able to reclaim money on these.
Can anyone shed any light or information on this?
Thanks in anticipation


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    Why do they think it can be reclaimed? I dont think its anything to do with national insurance, it was a scheme used before holiday entitlement came in (correct me if im wrong) Was there some unused allowance?
  • Hi roonaldo - thanks for responding.
    My neighbour thinks he can reclaim some money on these and asked me about them. Since I did not know anything at all, I did a couple of fruitless google searches and thought I might post here, since there are many knowledgeable folks on the board.
    If you can shed any light or liks, I would be very grateful.
    There may be some unclaimed allowance and this is what he thinks he can claim.
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