Bought return flight from Zurich to London. On my return, I was told due to Visa restrictions I could not return to Zurich.

Rang Opodo to reclaim airport taxes as ticket is non-refundable. I was informed that I paid £48 for airport taxes however, a part of it was non-refundable. Only £33.80 was due back to me, but I would have to pay £25 admin charge leaving me with £8.80.

In order to get the £8 refund, they wanted to take £25 by card now, and later (which can take up to 3 months) reimburse the whole £33.80.

That does not make sense to me, how can I pay more to get back what I already paid for?

If anyone has any advice about how I can claim back this money without having to pay more upfront, please help.

I think it a complete rip-off and a discouraging way so that people don't claim the money they are entitled to.

Thank you in advance.


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