Dundonians-Alexander St Multi demolition on Sunday info

in Scotland
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For fellow Dundee dweller's there is a facebook page set up by Tayside police for info re the demolition of the multi's on Sunday 31st July http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tayside-Police-Demolition-of-Alexander-Street-Multis-Dundee/219163471459184
Seems like it could be any time after 11 & hopefully before 2. Just planning the best spot to view the spectacular, think a lot of people are planning on Fife.


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    Some info for those not on facebook
    there will be a warning prior to the demolition. There will be a siren sounded 15 minutes before. The siren will sound again further into the countdown and a warning shot will be fired when there is about 30 seconds to go. With regard to the time, the evacuation of residents begins at 8am. There are over 600 houses and a nursing home to evacuate which could take a while. It difficult to say exactly how long this will take given the possibility of delays arising in this process. However, late morning is a reasonable bet, i.e. its pretty unlikely to be before 11am.

    In the run up to the demolition the properties closest to the multi storey buildings will be surveyed by personnel who will carry out external visual inspections using camera equipment. Inspections will also take place immediately before and immediately after the demolition. These inspections are purely a precautionary measure and no damage is expected at any surrounding properties.

    There will be a great deal of dust being blown through the air from the collapse of the buildings. There is therefore a possibility that dust may be blown through the air towards your home or property. Although the dust is not harmful, we strongly recommend that you;
    - Close all doors, windows and vents (re-open vents after the demolition)
    - Do not hang out washing
    - Cover fish ponds/rabbit hutches

    People with breathing difficulties should avoid the area on the day.

    On the day of the demolition, we strongly recommend that all pets be kept indoors ensuring that they cannot escape through cat flaps or open windows or doors. Please note that NO PETS will be allowed into the Evacuation Centre except Guide dogs.

    In the unlikely event of any delays, contingency plans have been made. This may result in an extended period of evacuation. Arrangements for evacuees are already in place, in case an unexpected delay occurs.
    Should you have any concerns, please contact the telephone helpline number – 01382 434568 or 01382 434365

    The works on site are ongoing and will continue for a number of months after the demolition takes place. Please remind all children, visitors etc. to stay away from the demolition site – it is very dangerous. There are also large-scale vehicles on site and travelling to and from the site. We ask you to take care crossing the roads in the area.
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