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Hello there,

I was made redundant on Monday 18th of July.

I've been to the council and Job centere and applied for all I can. Because I am under 25, I am only eligibable for £52 JSA a week and £70 a week Housing benefit.(they aparently pay in full for the rent for the first 13 weeks - and within these 13 weeks i turn 25) This is not enough for me to continue living where I am at the moment.

I have been on 2 interviews in teh past week and have come close, but didn't get the job(kept on record for future vacancies etc)

Could someone tell me of my options at the moment? - I currently see it as, either down grading my flat to a cheaper place, or what I would really like to do is head to Telford to get on an AAT level 2 and 3 accountancy intensive course which takes 8 months(this is what i wanted to achieve part time in the evenings over a 2 year period)

Can anyone tell me if I am entitled to any grants to do wit hthis course at all , so that I hpefully dont have to move from my current home and have to move back in with my parents for perhaps a year?

I can possibly can sub-let this place to someone - this place i am at now is based in north wales , but ide be lodging down with my sister in shrewsbury for easier commute to college 3 days a week to college - would this stop me from gaining all housing benefit and job seekers?

I am very confused at the moment as to my options and waht i can and cant claim. I understand if i even gained a part time job, every pound i earned would be therefore removed from my job seekers allowance payout.... and as i am single and 24 I have no workin tax credits to rely on.....

Can anyone tell me of an option I could perhaps try in attempt to keep my flat, work part time and attend college 4 days a week?

My rent costs £525 a month.

Any more questions, please ask , i am really anxious about what to do next...

Thanks all
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