christmas cards

does anyone else not send christmas cards ? ive decided this year just to send to family . why do i feel guilty ?


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    I love choosing & sending Christmas cards, I'm already stocking up and adding to my Jan. sale stock.
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    Hi, i send cards to friends although i dont have a wide circle, but i dont send to family anymore, it used to cost a fortune sending "special ones" and after my daughter spent her first 6 weeks in hospital i now give the money that i would usually spend on their cards to the hospital charity, they all understand and have no objections.
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    i'll be sending to family (because i will make them) and relatives (think box from poundland) but i think with e-mail and facebook so accessable now I'm not going to send to anyone else. stamps cost more money then cards at the moment!! at work we always put card money towards charity.
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    i do close friends,neighbours,family and girls teachers at school but i make mine
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    I don't do Christmas cards either. After 3 years I don't feel guilty anymore. I really do not like getting a Christmas card with a present either. It's such a waste of money and resources! The tag on the present says all that needs to be said, doesn't it?
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    i dont feel so bad now -a few of us at work have decided not to send them but theres always some who want to. i might suggest the money to charity option.
  • midnightraven3midnightraven3 Forumite
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    i dont send christmas cards
    i make seeded card and send them instead

    i save all the junk mail and use that

    like this


    i write a poem on them so they know what to do with it

    i send you this greeting instead of a card
    being a friend of the earth is sometimes quite hard
    when springtime comes and no frost on the ground
    plant this somewhere nice, and flowers will be found

    something along those lines
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    What a lovely idea midnightraven :T

    It used to cost a fortune getting all the 'sister, auntie, brother' cards so a few years ago I started getting a photo card of the 3 kids and sent the same one to all the family.:D Particularly nice for family who live further away and don't see the kids often.

    However I don't bother sending to work colleagues etc, I draw the line at family and close friends and that saves me feeling guilty )
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    I've stopped sending Christmas cards and donate the money I would have spent to a children's hospice.

    I send birthday cards and will keep doing that because it's a bit more personal.
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  • SoulieSoulie Forumite
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    I make all my Christmas cards, but I do only send to family and close family friends, and I seem to cut down each year that goes by, so it is getting cheaper for me every year.
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