Amazon £50 voucher - what to do with it?


A guy I helped out with somthing earlier this year has sent me a £50 Amazon voucher as a thank you. Now I didn't expect this, so it's a nice suprise. However, there's nothing really I want from Amazon, and I was wondering if there was any way of turning this into cash. The only thing I could think of was buying CDs to Ebay, but the prices would mean I'd loose a lot of my money.

Any other ideas guys?
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  • Sell the voucher on ebay? Vouchers can go for a good price apparently - close to the face value. It would be a lot less hassle as well!

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  • hypno06
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    Could you ebay the Amazon voucher?

    Or save it and use it for next year's christmas presents?
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  • AndyR_3
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    I'd rather get cash for it than save it, I hardly buy and Christmas presents anyway. I've just had a look on Ebay and seen £50 vouchers going for over £49. Not sure why a buyer would go to that hassel just to save a few pence, but hey, after Paypal/Ebay fees I should come out with a reasonable amount, for nothing, so that's what I'll do!
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  • lynzpower
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    personally Id save it, and use it for wedding/christening/birthday/ mothers/fathers day/valentines whatever day.

    reduce your "put away for presents" money accordingly, then voila you have 50 quid to pay off debt with!
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    This guy buys so many vouchers, he even bought an Amazon US$50 one for use in in only!
    He sells lots of designer shoe horns! I wonder if they are cheaper on Amazon :rotfl:

    sometimes he only saves 30p - 9p why take the risk is what I have to ask?

    Don't tell me there's no risk, there's always risk with ebay.
  • AndyR_3
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    I guess if they have the money in their Paypal account, and want somthing from Amazon, this is a good way to avoid Paypal fees. Or maybe they don't have a credit card so this is the only way they can buy on Amazon?
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    January challange - sell 10 items. 0 down, 10 to go!
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