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Hi guys

Hopefully you'll be able to help us! We're moving out of our rented house, and having moved my housemate's bed away from the wall, it looks like the colour in his bedding has rubbed off onto the wall.. black on magnolia! The paint around the house is generally very good at flaking off etc, so I'm reluctant to try anything too harsh on it. Wiping with a damp cloth has helped some, but it is still very visible. Has anyone got any ideas??

Also, if anyone could remind us of things we're likely to forget to clean (we're students, this is our first time moving out and there is so much to do!) that would be much appreciated!

Many thanks


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    If I were in your position I'd paint that wall, it'll cost less than £5 for some paint for one wall; if you leave it and they charge you then it'll cost you much more than this.
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    'Magic erasers' can be quite good, but try them somewhere inconspicuous first. You can get them from pound shops and Wilkos.

    For cleaning, you need to do all of the bits you usually forget. So go round the windows and get any mildewy marks off, dust the skirting boards, get rid of cobwebs, clean the oven (and the fan filter, if there is one). Give the bathroom a good going over and make sure there's no grime on the tiles or grout (Dettol mould and mildew spray is great for this, but it's bleach based so be careful). Sweep and mop, and give carpets a good hoover. Make sure any lampshades aren't dusty - it sounds fussy but if you've got a picky agency that's the kind of stuff they charge you for. Don't forget to make sure all the bulbs are working too - a friend of mine got charged £25 for each one that wasn't ...
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    Not MSE but I think it's called ScotchBrite from Tescos - it's got white foamy stuff on one side and a blue scourer on the other side. It seems very similar to Magic Erasers but I haven't tried those.

    I've used this to clear off scuffs, and cat bogeys and all sorts off our previous rented properties - it's marvellous and definitely cheaper than being charged for redecoration by your landlord!
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    My son's duvet cover does the same thing (although red on blue walls) I find that wiping it down with either diluted Stardrops or Sugar Soap works, although I will say we do have kitchen/bathroom paint on that wall because that's what we had in already.
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    I find stardrops and hot water scrubs up walls really well :)
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    repaint the wa.. or rather get the peron whose room it was to repaint it.. a tin of cheap magnolia emulsion will be a couple of quid.. way less than trying various random not guarantee'd to work cleaning products.

    harsh scrub with a scrubby sponge and washing up liquid.. wait until dry and slop some paint on.. jobs a goodun

    It is probably matt paint if it scrubs off .
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