Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival tickets 2011

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Are you going to the Edinburgh festival this year? As much as it’s an amazing place to be it can eat away at your money. However there are many free shows on so you can split your day up by paying for shows and taking a punt on free ones (Usually a small donation is asked for, it isn’t compulsory but if you’ve enjoyed the show it doesn’t hurt to throw a quid in the bucket.) Full listings of these shows can be found by searching the “free fringe” and “free festival” websites.

However as some of you may know time can be precious if you’re up there for a few days and these shows do have a habit of packing out, especially at the weekends. But you can order tickets to some of the free shows on-line to ensure you get a seat. This can be done from the "ed fringe" dot com website.

The slight problem with ordering tickets is the 90p surcharge per ticket. However they do cap it at £5.40 so if you’ve ordered 6 paid shows online everything after doesn’t have a booking fee. This includes free shows. So why not book up a bunch of free shows as well. I have made a list of all the free shows that you can book tickets for.

Award-winning Comedian Nik Coppin – Free
Ian Fox Exposes Himself – Free
Dan Willis: Inspired - Free!
Down and Out Comedy With Mike Belgrave
Manos the Greek: The Tale Of An Immigrant – Free
OCD: The Singing Obsessive – Free
RadioHead Redux - Free!
The Seven Deadly Sings (Remastered) – Free
Shaggers – Free
The Tempest
Bob Slayer's Marmite Gameshow - Free
Doug Segal: I Know What You're Thinking – Free
Female Hitchhiker: The Truth About Getting Around – Free
Jonathan Prager: Live From New York! – Free
Schoolbooks in Wallpaper - Ian Perth – Free
Baker and Thompson: Never Made it to the RSC – Free
Hannah Ringham's Free Show Bring Money
How to Make It in Hollywood
Huggers - Free Festival Family Fun
Lewis Schaffer is Free Until Famous 18th Year
Lewis Schaffer is Free Until Famous in a Smaller Room at an Earlier Time
The Great Big Comedy Picnic – Free

On a final note, if you’re at the festival for the first few days hang around the Pleasance Courtyard and Royal Mile. This is when performers are desperate to get their rooms full due to the press being in and they’re still doing previews. So they will gladly hand out free tickets.


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    None of the shows listed above are part of the Free Fringe. All our 316 shows are first come first served, no tickets required or available. This includes shows by Robin Ince, Norman Lovett, John Otway, Trevor Lock, Luke Wright and many others. We feel the spirit of the Fringe is best served by first come first served, and if you can't get in to see the show you want, take a chance on a show by someone you don't know; who knows what you might discover?

    Our full programme will be on the web (the system won't let us quote the url, but it ends in .org and starts with freefringe) from early July onwards and the shows start 6th August. We look forward to seeing the good people of the moneysavingexpert forums. Who can maybe tell us how to put on even better shows for even less money, but I'm not sure that's possible.

    Peter Buckley Hill
    The Free Fringe Ltd
    a non-profit organisation
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