Suggestions for after house move please

Hiii :)
I've not been around for a while, but knew I'd come crawling back in the end!
The last couple of years I've had a very low paid job with fantastic "perks" such as dirt cheap all-inclusive rent, use of company vehicle (so I'd only pay for fuel, not tax, insurance etc)....I've also been out in the country, so laziness wins out over random shopping trips (prior to this I lived in a very urban, 24hr area. Insomnia? Go buy a magazine!).

I've now been offered a new job with a 50% pay rise - but it looks like that will be eaten in rent/bills. I'm scared because I've not had to pay attention to fuel prices in a couple of years! I'm wondering if I would actually be better off staying put :(

Currently I pay £300 rent plus council tax. I'm "breaking even" and have even been able to stretch to saving some money. I get cheap, high quality meat by buying in bulk. I did have chickens until Mr Fox paid a visit :mad:

It looks like I will be moving back to a more urban setting.
Pros - walking distance hopefully to shops etc, more chance to meet real life people (as opposed to cows...), public transport (??!).
Cons - the nearby shops may be rubbish and/or expensive, the environment is not so nice - noise, dirt, people, and mainly the fact that lowest rent seen is £450, plus all CT, bills ON TOP :eek: I lose vehicle use. I'm also moving further south, so naturally life gets more pricey.

Things that I do/could continue?:
- full freezer! I live alone so use frozen veg - no wastage. Cheap / bulk bought meat and fish
- cooking. I rarely buy pre-done meals. Mainly because I don't eat grains, so do my best to focus on meat-and-veg
- fruit is a treat. Expensive and sugary.
- weave blankets, rugs from fleece. A new one here, I have 8 pillowcases full of wool from local sheep, obtained free (well, an 11 hour day of shearing...), washed by hand in the bath :rotfl: I need to get on with weaving though!
- shower, not bath. Though I need a bath for washing other things (see above...)
- minimal clothes, make up, smellies. I work outdoors so jeans and t-shirt are a staple. Make up is for special occasions. Sensitive skin means that certain soap and coconut oil/cocoa butter are bought online....but I haven't found anything to replace Aveda shampoo/conditioner.
- game. As in meat, not as in Nintendo. I have popped bunnies and pigeons for the pot - this is unlikely to be approved of in town :rotfl: I also got freebies from neighbours....
- dog. Not MSE in any way, but she's used for my job. And likes cuddles, so I'm thinking hot water bottle substitute? I currently feed her raw (see "BARF" diets) and she thrives. I don't think I can sacrifice wellbeing for money.
- no tumble dryer - but that means I need spaaaaaaace for drying sheets!
- gadgets. I have an old PAYG phone, and when I lose my free broadband *sob* I will hopefully be abe to find my old PAYG dongle ;) I do have a fancy pants flat TV (only a little tesco one, and it was on offer...) BUT that has built in freeview, and I have a freesat box, so I'm set up to get all the glorious rubbish I can stand :rotfl:

Good intentions (AKA things I said "I'll do that!" and still haven't)
- learnt to sew and make own clothes
- use up EVERYTHING before it walks out of the fridge :o

Future thoughts
- get some more chickens - depends on landlord
- raise rabbits for meat - depends on landlord's permission (though if I'm allowed a dog, why not bunnies?) and also maximum discretion. Bonus - furs to sew slippers, mittens....
- household cleaning - I've just attempted my first batch of laundry goo, and would be very happy to use minimal chemicals etc

"Weaknesses" - things I really don't want to sacrifice
- posh shampoo/conditioner. It's the only cosmetic thing that's really important
- diet. I know that adding oatmeal to mince stretches it; that value chicken is cheaper. But I can't sacrifice my health (nor animal welfare) for ££. Hence raising my own food if possible
- Yorkshire Tea. 'nuff said :p

I know I'm rambling and waffling, but is there anything dramatic I need to know, after living in a field for 2 years??
Any obvious things I've missed/am not doing?

I'm applying for housing association property - I have furniture, white goods etc from a previous home. I'm happy to bodge curtains, and the lack of carpet would be motivation to get the weaving done!

Many thanks to anyone who gets through this essay :beer:
"She who asks is a fool once. She who never asks is a fool forever"
I'm a fool quite often :D


  • seabright
    seabright Forumite Posts: 639
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    Do you actually want the new job? I think you will be worse of financially, if you take it.

    But, if the isolation of the current job is getting you down, then put your mental health first and take the new job, but be prepared to be worse off.
  • gpgirl
    gpgirl Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    Your current life style in the country sounds better!
  • HelenYorkshire
    HelenYorkshire Forumite Posts: 423 Forumite

    The new job is a good career move - it's a very specialist field, so there more I can learn from slightly different ways of working, the better.

    I forgot to add that I've attempted to grow veg in the communal garden where I am now.

    I know that I can't afford to rent commercially, as I haven't enough saved up for a deposit + upfront rent + letting agent fees + moving costs.....
    "She who asks is a fool once. She who never asks is a fool forever"
    I'm a fool quite often :D
  • Sunnyday
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    PSSST! wanna swap :D

    You can have our house and my job in the city and i`ll go live in the field with my DH, dogs and the cat.

    Seriously i really do think that you will be worse off both financially and also your quality of life will suffer (the dogs too maybe?)

    The lifestyle that you have sounds great and so what if a new job pays more - you will be spending a great deal more too. At the end of the day the decision is yours but have a really good think about it, prices of absolutely everything are climbing stupidly ATM and its a struggle to get by. You seem like you are sheltered from this and that can count for an awful lot these days.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • pigpen
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    I'd say where you are and look for a job where you will be better off for the move/extra work.
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  • beemuzed
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    It really doesn't sound as if moving will be beneficial overall! Good luck with weighing up all the pros and cons.
    Think twice before spending anything!
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