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So proud of myself

edited 28 June 2011 at 2:48PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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CountingPenniesCountingPennies Forumite
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I've been Money Tipped!
edited 28 June 2011 at 2:48PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
Hello everyone!

Just been online to the debenhams blue cross sale. Normally this sale seriously damages my back balance and i started out as i normally do, filling my "online bag" up. Went through all the stages to proceed to checkout and when i got to the "verify by visa" i paused, went back to my basket and thought, "do i really need all this?? do the kids really need new clothes??" The answer was no i don't, and no the kids don't. So i went back and removed all items from basket and turned the website off.

Believe me, this is not like me at all! But i've saved myself £148 by doing so which i really need because i don't have enough to pay my bill this month! Think i'm finally starting to work this who budget thing out. Even when i'm out food shopping i'm sticking to my list and not been drawn to the "bargains", apart from the other day when i was in tesco. I'd spend £29 then remember when i was at the checkout the i had a £4 off any £30 spend so i rushed to an isle end, picked up something for £1.49 in the freezer offers, and still got it all cheaper than i would have if i stuck to my list! :beer:

Not sure if i should have posted this here or not, but i really am pleased with myself. And its all thanks to this forum showing me how to make great savings and learn how to handle my finances. You would think at 29 year old i should know by now! :rotfl:

Official insert:

Well done stueyandkatie! It's always worth keeping a copy of MSE's Money Mantras handy for exactly this situation.

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  • lvmlvm Forumite
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    Well done!

    Do remember to budget for small treats though - maybe not £148 worth but you can reward yourself every so often (I've gone from one extreme to the other - spending money I didn't have to spending not a penny more that I really have to and it can be rather boring at time).

    Good luck with the rest of your DFW journey x
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  • Hovel_ladyHovel_lady Forumite
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    Well done :A
    I second Ivm about small treats. The key word is small!
    And I'm older than you and I still don't know better sometimes.
    Good luck with everything - you're on the right tracks :)
  • rdchickrdchick Forumite
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    Well done!! I did the exact same yesterday with Next - having a poo day so thought I'm going to get myself some clothes to cheer myself up...

    It wasn't until I got to the check out and wanted it delivered to work instead of my 'billing address' and it said 'please enter your credit/debit card details as the addresses do not match' I realised that I don't have the actual money to pay for this it would have been on credit so I went back and took out all the items and closed it down.

    We are getting there!!! It's amazing how being on this site changes your mindset! Keep it going as I will if you will :) xxx
    Life is too short not to love what you do.
  • TrajalTrajal Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Heh, good stories all around!

    One other thing to consider, is that when you setup your debit card to use online it asks you to put in a personal greeting so that you know it's a genuine 'verified by visa' site.

    I set my personal greeting up to be "Mate, are you really sure you need this and you're not just spending for fun?"

    That single act saved me from a huuuuge number of impulse online purchases!

    Keep 'em coming folks, resisting temptation is the order of the day today! (I shall steer well clear of my catelogues I promise!)
    Debt free, moved, got new stuff for the new flat - got everything I wanted and need - now just saving.
  • I like threads like this, it helps to keep me motivated.
    I went into primark the other day, needed a new pair of sandals cos mine had literally fallen apart. I wandered around filling my shopping bag up, then thought what are you doing. Took the sandals out (£2.50's worth) and put the rest back. It's probably a false economy buying cheap ones, but if i went into next it would have been worse!

    Well done, and keep up the good work.

    I've just worked out that we could possibly have cleared our debt by my 40th birthday, if we can up our payments a little more and that has become my new motivation!x
    LBM 2008 [STRIKE]£45,091.23[/STRIKE] eek: now £7889:T Debt free date 18/07/2018 :)
  • Thanks everyone...and well done to all of you too! :D

    Turns out it was a very good job i didn't buy anything because my 3 kids have come home with trip letter from school. £50 worth! Yikes!

    Good luck to everyone! Keep up the hard work (and it is HARD work, lol) xxx
    Slimming World Challenge 2017 0/30.5lb

    Grocery challenge 2017 JAN: £5.56/£350
  • chuckleychuckley Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    that happened to me a while ago with the h&m codes stack up/glitch. got to final page and saw the total and deleted everything but what i ACTUALLY wanted which was 1 bag!

    never would have done that before. i couldnt remember any of the items the next day!
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