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help telephone harassment but to my in laws looking for me 08453304800

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help telephone harassment but to my in laws looking for me 08453304800

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hi there
ive got myself into a right state over this its newmans debt collection is there another number i can phone as the in laws are getting constant harrasment but this number is 1.50 a min,its even in my maiden name been married for 6 years now,suffer extreme anxiety and feel realy troubled with this,even if they spoke to my in laws they would tell them i dont stay but they have to press a number which costs alot of money is there an altenitive number so i can sort this ,help thanx, oh i dont even live there so its making wonder how ,where did the get my in laws nimber,dont even know why they looking for me
very stressed x


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    Ok. Slow down.

    Several things.

    They are after you for a debt in your Maiden name correct? Over six years old?

    If so, when did you last acknowledge this debt in writing or make a payment?

    Have you received any letters from them?
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  • Alternative number is 0113 306 0660 and LINK to their website BUT if you do contact them make sure everything is in writing as DCAs have a habit of putting words in your mouth or backtracking on verbally agreed payments:mad::mad:
    if the debt is over 6yrs old it might be their last ditch attempt to get money off you before it can be written off?? Not 100% sure about that but I'm sure the more experienced DFWers will be able to advise you more about it:)
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