Claiming un cashed tax credit cheque

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Can some one advise child tax credit waste of time!!!!

I claimed child tax credit in 2003/2004 (about this time). I was a single working parent with 2 children. Suddenly there was no money being paid into my bank account, I phoned the tax office to be told I had been over paid, they wanted £6,500. I soon found it difficult to pay rent, council tax and I was taken to court for repossession. The CSA were helping all they could. Before the bailiff came I moved in with my partner.

This went on until November 2005

Three months later (November 2005) I received a letter from the Inland revenue it stated that there had been an error and that I would be paid what was owed to me, I would get £300 in my bank and there after payments every two weeks to the value of £6,500.

The error was 'their computer' apparently! It stated that I was earning £11115.56 a year pffft! it supposed to have been £15,000.

I had £300 in to my bank and the first cheque arrived, a week later a letter asking for the cheque to be returned :silenced: I phoned and they said there had been an error and I owed £6,500 grrrrr! I returned 4 cheques taking them to my local tax office. The cheques kept coming, over the next 4 months I returned more cheques, I had a letter telling me I would be committing fraud if I cashed them. So, now I had returned £2,500 in un-cashed cheques. I then had a letter demanding I paid £6,500. Again I phoned and all was logged, I complained, still the cheques came. This time I was keeping them, nothing was being done! I did not cash them.

I continued to get demanding letters at the same time they were sending cheques.

I phoned 8 times through the year 2006, I was told that the money was mine, then it wasn't, then it was. I was then told my complaint was being dealt with and I would be notified, I received a letter stating this fact!
I heard nothing for four months, I phoned, they had no knowledge of my complaint, omg! So I was told that a further complaint was being logged.
In 2007 I was fed up, no news I wrote and sent in my complaint. Two months later I received a letter, requesting I pay back £6,500, I phoned again stating I had sent in a complaint, I was told to ignore the letter.
Finally I received a letter telling me I owed nothing and that the £6,500 was mine!
I immediately asked for my money, I had sent back cheques and I had got un-cashed cheques, they had no knowledge of any un-cashed or returned cheques, different department, my cheques would be re issued once evidence was established.

4 months later I phoned again, nothing, what was I on about, HUH! Another complaint, 2 days later some one phoned me, I explained the situation and she told me they were investigating. 2 months later I phoned, they told me it was with a different department, they could not contact them direct mmmmm! Then another letter telling me that they sent a letter previously telling me the money was mine and the case was closed aaaaaaaaaah!

Again I phoned, case closed but I could write to the adjudication officer, this I did, no response. I phoned and was told case closed. I just wanted my money!!!

By this time it was 2009 still complaining, then a letter woop! :mad:
It was a letter demanding £6,500. I contacted the ombudsman and was told until I had a final letter of closure from the child tax office there was nothing they could do.

June 2010 another demand, I phoned and told them every thing and I wanted my money. Nothin back for four months, another phone call, it said on the computer £6,500 out standing :mad::mad::mad:
January on their computer case closed October 2010. I phoned the Ombudsman too late, it has to be within 6 months.:mad::mad::mad::mad:

How can I get my money?? is it too late?

Last week, a letter from tax office pensions, demanding £1,200 from 2002 as they say they over paid me when I was on disability as I started work aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! further more, if I did not pay they would give it to a dept collecting agency.:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:


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    Take all your correspondence etc to your MP at his/her next consituency surgery. My brother in law had similar trouble with his elderly mother's benefits and after 2 years trying to sort it himself, the MP got it resolved within 2 weeks.

    Good luck - I admire your patience and persistence. Let us know how you get on.
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