FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS - anyone heard of them

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I've just had a phone call on my landline from someone claiming to work for Financial Solutions. He told me that according to a central database I have paid my credit card and loan repayments on time by direct debit. As a result I have been selected to be entitled to a 50% reduction on the amount I owe.

He wanted to know how much I owed, and when I said "I didn't know" (my cautious answer for "I'm not telling you that!") he said, could you give me a rough idea, to which I said no. I pointed out that he would have this information given what info he was already claiming to have.

I asked how they got this information, as I was not aware I had given my permission for this to be passed onto anyone other than my lenders. Apparently whenever you get credit or apply for credit, it is entered onto this database.

Still not content I said I wanted a way of contacting the company so that I could check out that they were legitimate. He would not give me a phone number or a web address. I agreed to allow him to call me back on Monday evening, once he has checked with his manager (who conveniently wasn't available tonight) as to whether he could pass any company contact details on to me.

Has anyone ever heard of them?

I can't believe that Barclaycard/etc would allow an outside company to reduce my interest, just like that.Does anyone else think it sounds dodgy?

Any advice welcome please



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    He told me that according to a central database I have paid my credit card and loan repayments on time by direct debit.

    There is no central database. Your credit file would contain some data but a company accessing that without your permission is breaching your data protection rights. Your credit file, if it had been accessed, could tell them a lot of the info so they probably havent accessed it. More likely they dont have a clue and are just trying it on.
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    think my friend has been conned sorry meant contacted by this company stating they can get all her credit card debt wiped as it was illegal for them to up her credit limit without asking - i think she has paid them some ,money- will find out if its the same company and how she is getting on with the wiping of her outstanding debt (if only it was so easy!) must have seen her coming!
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    Thanks both,

    I've just had another company ring me - Back on Track stating similar things: becasue I had had finance refused they said they could help me wipe out my debt. I was at work so asked if there was a number I could ring them on, he said he would ring me back when I was home. Will see if they do...once again, I've searched for the company and to no avail (Although it was a brief search)
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