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I'm looking for some info and advice on buildings insurance through a factor. Say you have property damage from a while ago but it has only just been made aware to you that you should claim for damages so you dont have to pay through the roof for the damages. However the factoring company says the damage looks old and there have been a couple of changes in insurance company in the past year or so so you wouldn't get a claim is there anything you can do?

Seems unfair that they can just decide how old a damage looks and then decide that you wouldn't get the claim.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    I have had really bad experience of factors in the past when I was living in a tenement building and know exactly how you feel - all the decisions on your property are out of your hands.

    Have you known about the damage before now or has it just been noticed and the factors say it is old?

    If you have just found out about it and had no knowledge of any problem I would pursuit this - if your factor has changed insurance company then surely that's up to them to sort things out with insurances. They will have changed to save money but you will probably not have benefited from this.

    You could always get independent advice on how long the damage has been there for to support your claim.
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    I HATE FACTORS!!!!!! Lol sorry for shouting but i really do hate them We use Cumming Turner and Watt and OMG they make me want to pull my hair out. Sorry i cant help you but I do think you have a responsability to contact insurers ASAP if you notice changes in the property. Good luck x
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    Surely if you pay a factor then they should regularly inspect the premises. Have a look at you agreement, including the small print.

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  • Hey guys thanks for your replies; Sioban: The damage seems to be fairly new however with any leak it could have been a while ago and just taken a while to reach the ceiling.

    I also posted this on another thread because I wasn't sure where to post so if anyone else has the same problem then view this thread as has some very useful information, I'm taking the advice and seeking an independent builder or structural engineer to have an unbiased look at the damage then that will confirm whether I stand a good chance at claiming off the insurance for repair work.

    Here is the thread (sorry can't post links as Im a new user so just ad the moneysaving website name before it:


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