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I've been on a major job hunt recently (been jobless since November...what hell). Anyway, one of my major tools to track down vacancies is, and to be honest I thought it was excellent. I have applied for quite a few jobs through it - you can email your cv and a covering note...easy peasy.

Today however I received an email from a company asking me to confirm that I had applied to them via I had indeed, however they had not received my application, and in fact had received very few applications through They had obviously raised this with, as this is where they got my email address from.

Come to think of it not all the jobs I had applied to replied...some places are so rude and don't bother (don't want to work there then!) but other places may not have received my application.

So if you're on the job hunt BEWARE don't rely on your applications via actually getting there - send a copy through the post or at least phone up to confirm they have received your application.

Snowy Owl

PS: I got a job offer today for a job that I really, really wanted to get. Yippee! Persistance and patience really do pay...


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    My husband used a couple of years ago, and like you, he found them to pretty useless.

    On the other hand he found Reeds, Diamond recruitment, and Bright*water very helpful and prepared to work on his behalf. As you probably already know, it's worth registering with as many different agencies as you can.

    Congratulations on your new job.......I'm glad you got the one that you really wanted! :)


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    :) Thank you Pink! :) I can't wait to start my new job, it's gonna be soooo good to get paid again after all this time.

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