Did My 1st Credit Check, Found A CCJ

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Did a credit check on myself and have found a CCJ, it only states the court name, not for who it is, so I rang the court and they said its from a debt collectors.

How do I find out who is the orginal debt and do I pay them rather than the debt company (HL Legal)?



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    Ask the court to supply you with a copy of the judgement. That should give you the information you need. The judgement should also tell you who to pay. If the CCJ is in the debt collectors name then its probably them that took you to court so them that you need to pay.
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  • Thank you, will get back on to the phone to the court then.
  • I'm going through the exact same prob myself at the moment. Like Tixy said you need the court to send you details of the Judgement. You'll then have to apply to have the judgement set aside, which will cost you £75. If the courts agree to do this then you can either dispute the charges (if you don't believe it's your debt etc, depending on what the particulars are) or make an offer to settle the amount. I'm no expert but I've been trying to sort my own mess out these past few weeks.
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    So got the judgement for claimant today from northampton ccbc.

    Claimant is Capquest.

    But it dosnt say what the debt is for and it dosnt say it on my credit report either.

    Also the claim form was sent to a previous address (that will be why I didnt know about the ccj as well) and as such couldnt respond the the claim form.

    So just pay up and lump it or anything else?
  • I think either way you'll have to apply to the court to get the judgement set aside on the grounds that you didn't receive the forms to be able to put in a defence. How long ago was the CCJ issued? and how long ago did you live at your last address? Also you could ring National Debtline, I found them really helpful.
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