String Quartet for wedding ceremony

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Just wondering if anyone can recommend a string quartet (with or without a singer) for a wedding ceremony next year?

I have been in contact, or have tried to contact arca & serenity strings, but if anyone had first hand experience with a string quartet, I would appreciate your input.

Thanks in advance


  • What about contacting some of the music departments in local secondary schools, especially schools that go further than GCSE level?

    Maybe some of the students are in a group and are looking experience or possibly the music teachers could either help or suggest some ideas. My old music teacher used to play piano in a group and did things like Church services, fundraisers etc.

    It's not maybe a direction you were looking to go but it might work out cheaper than a professional group.
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    You could also try contacting the music department in a university - I know that we got some students from the QUB music school to do an event that we were hosting and they were great! And I think not too expensive. Not sure if UU has similar....
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    We got married 7 yrs ago and I'm pretty sure we used this company
    At the time they were based in West Belfast but I'm pretty sure its the same names. They were excellent and not hard to pay, although you do pay extra for the singers. I really recommend them, although the school/university idea is a great idea and may save you a bit. Enjoy your day!
  • We used the Ireland String Quartet. They were excellent. Think they seemed dear at the time, but then not sure what the going rate was! I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Am sure they have a website too.
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