Replacement for Cotton Wool?

I am reaching the end of my roll of cotton wool and wondering what I can replace it with.

I use it for the following:-
Removing make-up, applying cleanser and facial wash. General household jobs requiring acetone/sticky stuff remover/white spirits etc.

I need something that is washable and can be re-used but have found flannels and other types of cloth meant for household use to be too thick & absorbent - they absorb masses of make-up remover compared to cotton wool which gets drenched pretty quickly.

Don't like the idea of facial wipes even if they are bio-degradable/organic etc.

Any ideas?

P.S. I know that if I was really green then I wouldn't be wearing make-up and I would be washing myself with water and a little natural soap but hey, give a girl a break....:rotfl:
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