renewable technology heatpumps and solar panels

People seem to be getting so much mixed information from companies out there about how much money they can save by installing this products that product and the other.

The truth behind it all is that your property holds the key to the money you can save companies can only estimate your savings but there may be a lot missing.

I have worked in the renewable industry for a few years and I have worked on many project from small domestic bungalows right through to large commercial and have got a clear knowledge of the products and their capablilities.

Firstly don't be fooled by the ever saving products that will knock you 75% off your energy bill this is not impossible but unlikly in most cases.

If they promise you a set figure back each year from the RHI it more than likely will be incorrect as the announcment has not yet been completed for some products and therefor is only an estimate and with the payment now being controlled by the treasury I feel it is likely there may be a further cut 10-20% is realistic as some people could potentiall profit from installing such products which is not fair for all and those less fortunate will end up being left out.

If you wish to ask me any questions about products and perfomance please feel free I am only too happy to help.

one thing to considder thats very important and really relevant to heat pump systems if they don't ask you to provide a SAP report to confirm their designs then they cant be accurate about your buildings heat losses and therefor it is purely guess work so many people have been undersized or indeed oversized as some people think the bigger the system the better and there covered however the end user foots the bill as a system that is too big will cost you more to run each year a system too small will cost you even more as it will use the immersion heater element inside to produce the hot water not the heat pump system the SAP report is the key to getting it right with the correct company


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