I'm proper o/s now!!!

Just felt the need to share.:T

Last night got unexpected guests for dinner, made us rather a large bunch. - 6 adults in all - all with huge appetites.

I only had leftovers and some basic veg so I made

goulash with gnocchi

I had about a 1/4 of a brisket joint I'd cooked in red wine and herbs
a thick slice of ham from a ham joint, (unfortuantely thats the last bit)
celery, carrot, onion, garlic, herbs, paprika, tinned tomatoes, crushed chilli flakes,
dollop of red wine (from cheap wine box brought form hols)
some peppers i found in the fridge - used 1/2 red 1 green and 1 yellow ( took skins off)
plus as it wasnt really enough I added 6 gluten free sausages halved

and cooked them all together with olive oil

I cooked gnocchi from the cupboard for 5 and made gluten free gnocchi for 1.

In the past I'd have called for a takeaway curry to get out of the situation costing somewhere in the region of £50 ish ( conservative estimate!!!):eek:

only real costing ingredient was the sausages at £1.42!!!!!! :T
I was going to use them for another meal but I did have t use them. I would have used some canned beans instead but we've had them 2 nights running and I dont want to bore them.):cool:

I did cook the other 2 sausages for another meal for my coeliac son.

I feel so proud of myself, plus everyone really enjoyed it - the complements were fantastic.:j

August 2009 grocery challenge £172.64/,,,,,

no point in doing grocery challenges, have no money left over to eat :0/


  • TNG
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    Well done you.

    Great feeling isn't it?
    :dance:There's a real buzz about the neighbourhood :dance:
  • Well done! :T It is a great feeling to be resourceful. Lat night after dinner we had nothing for pud and everyone was moaning, in the past I would have gone and bought some cream buns or chocolate but last night I baked bananas with sultanas honey and lemon juice and served with a stray pot of banofee yoghurt. I know that proud feeling!:beer:
  • pigpen
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    I'd have gone for the take away option!! so well done you!!
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  • dronid
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    It is one of the greatest O/S skills to be able to look at cupboard contents and go 'Oh we'll have <insert appropriate meal here>. It means you can be inventive and flexible. If you can do it there, you can do it in other aspects of your life. Vinegar makes great fabric conditioner but I know plenty of people who would be horrified at trying it as it doesn’t say ‘Fabric Conditioner’ on the bottle!:rolleyes: My DH is quite O/S and environmental - but only since I've known him. When I first met him he'd drop litter and wouldn't care,:rolleyes: now he stops others! :j (I'm very proud!) However his blind spot is cooking. He can cook anything from a recipe but that's it. Once he gave up cooking a meal because we had garlic puree and the recipe called for crushed garlic cloves!:rolleyes:

    Never stop being inventive!

    Congratulations again!:T :j :T

    I could make it better myself at home. All I need is a small aubergine...

    I moved to Liverpool for a better life.
    And goodness, it's turned out to be better and busier!
  • Aril
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    Aiming for a life of elegant frugality wearing a new-to-me silk shirt rather than one of hair!
  • What's O/S?
  • jan59
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    What's O/S?

    Old Style - like our mums used to do........!
    Everything in moderation..............including moderation..............
  • vivw_2
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    I'm really impressed. I have now realised that I need to be more inventive and think about what I'm cooking.
    We don't need to do it perfectly - good enough is exactly that GOOD ENOUGH.

  • falc_2
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    on this theme, does anyone have any suggestions for delicious, nutritious, easy, frugal recipes? Delia has a lovely dhal curry recipe using lentils for a Cafod fundraising thing.


    and obviously there's baked sweet potatoes with butter, broccoli and houmous, which this household always falls back on. yummy!

    the best things in life are usually free.
  • Linda32
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    :T :T Give yourself a pat on the back.

    I was pleased with myself this week too, I did a stew and my stews don't seem to mix up, which worked out fine as OH dosn't like it too soft.

    So I kept the left over veggies for the next day and turned them into soup. I only had a rough idea of what I was doing, having only made one from a recipe before :o but peeps on here say, chuck in whatever you've got and wizz. It worked :T
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